Summary of 2016

So far I made it each year, but in December 2015 I had crazy time, co I missed it ;)
I decided to start with cleaning up my online accounts: I organised links: I made categories for purr blogs and not purr blogs, I moved blogs which I read from bookmarks in Chrome to blog, these blogs which probably died I moved from blog to bookmarks - I’m going to visit them for time to time.
I also removed my ‘shade’ friends from facebook - people who don’t care about me - not writing and not reacting from years.

I had a very creative year - I made a lot of friendship bracelets, I sew few things (chimney scarfs, blanket, pillow, baby sleeping bag and some toys), I made washi tape ornaments, I learned how to make tutu skirt and cross-stitch pictures.

I enter New Year with weight below 70 kg, I lost almost 20 kg in one year, which I’m proud of.

It was just an introduction. I’m going to write more details for each month below.

It was quite calm month. My husband spent 10 days in delegation in San Francisco, he brought us beautiful souvenirs. I spent that time with my mom and daughter. Adam returned for my birthday, so we could have a romantic dinner for ourselves. Maja learned how to turn around from stomach to back.

The saddest month in the whole year.
1st of February Urwis passed away. It was my loved cat, which lived with my mom. It was the cat, which spent my whole childhood with me :(
After this, my mom adopted 2 cats, who needed to find a new home - Mimi and Figielek. After less than 2 weeks (17th of February) Figielek passed away because of FIP :(
Jittery and very sad Mimi (after consultation with the behaviorist) got a new cat friend - Wally. Socialization took them one night because Wally ran away from the rook at early morning). It was the month, when I get known, that Izyda also has gone (cat, which was starved by the owners and was hospitalized in critical condition). There was a hope, but finally, complications were too strong for her.
In last two days of February, we decided to move to a bigger flat. We feel better in bigger space.

That’s the month when I realized that I’m completely alone. Most of my friends didn’t want to meet with me for a long time, I heard only excuses. They didn’t want me also on the parties, which I always participated in the past. Life brutally verified my friendship from the university.
In the middle of the month we secured our loggia, so cats can spend nice days outdoor.

At the beginning, we organized Maja’s baptism. One day after we were flying to the San Francisco with Maja.
Maja’s first tooth came out.
After we returned we decided to sow herbs and vegetables on loggia to make it green, fragrant and to get fresh food :)

This month we returned to activities. We bought a bicycle trailer (with the jogging stroller function). We started to ride a bike with Maja, we love to make picnics and some trips to the forest and also further. We went to a dietitian and we got a wonderful and healthy diet rich in vitamins. After 2 weeks I felt more energy and bloating disappeared.

It was an important month for Maja - she learned how to sit without a base. She also started to crawl on all four.
This month we took part in “My cat has a home” action. We shew how the Maja-cats relationship looks like. We also got wonderful pictures for ourselves.

Maja told “mom” and a few days later “dad” consciously.
We refreshed contact with our friends.

It was a very positive month. We went to Wroclaw (me, Maja and my mom). I met my family, which I haven’t known before.
We also spent a great weekend by the sea with Adam and Maja - it was out 4th anniversary. Maja played with sand first time.

Maja went to daycare. We bought a baby carrier for Maja.
Maja started to walk when she held furniture or us.
My brother met a really nice girl. She added me a courage to realize one of my dreams (it’s planned for February 2017).
Me and Adam were able to fly somewhere without Maja first time - we had London trip.
We have learned how to make sushi!
I got new DIY skill - flourishes manicure.
I saw first effects of my diet (my stomach stopped to overflow from my trousers like few month before).
I started coding in Swift and also looking for a job.

My daughter has 1st birthday!
The ‘black protest’ was successful - I don’t have to worry about the second pregnancy.
Amaya had cystitis, tests showed crystals in the urine (like Purka and Misio) - now we have 3 cats on a urinary diet. Ultrasound examination showed that pancreas is in better condition.
I started iOS course (organized by University of Warsaw).

I’m still not hired. I was offended on one job interview. I also had an interview with two companies - without any effects. One of the developers was so childish, that I’m happy, that I won’t have to work with him.
I got recruitment project which I did well.
I came up with the idea of an online charity auction for cats.

I’m sick for more than 4 weeks, I infected Maja and Adam :(
I had a pacemaker control - it wasn’t good. Again tachycardia.
I had a job interview with the company, which gave me a project to do. It went well, but I wasn’t hired.
My mood sinusoid reached a bottom, I’m constantly criticized, lied and I lose confidence for my closest once.
I made ombre manicure first time. I learned how to make cotton balls.
We spend the weekend in Berlin with Adam, there on the Christmas market, I felt magic Christmas spirit.
After we returned from Germany we decorated Christmas tree and on Christmas Eve I wore my beautiful black dress (yes! I did it!!).
I got great gifts from Santa - a lot of cats and board game. We made a photo session for Maja and cats.
Adam got charming Secret Santa gift.

My 2016 wasn’t the worst, but it also wasn’t the best. I experienced many sorrows, but also joys. I would ask for more hope and less stress for New Year. And a big pink glasses…

I’m not making New Year’s resolutions, cause the more I plan, the more I fail. I have few purposes, which I’m going to realize and few dreams which I want to make to come true. But things go both ways, it’s only a life; so I don’t want to make plans, I’m going with the flow.


Colorful for Christmas

I’m trying to write this note for a week, but I keep procrastinating. There is everyday something to do. I’m sorry, today my note is without rhyme or reason. You have to forgive me this… Lately I’m trying to find any positives, to stick a smile when I have to go outside.
Another one job interview, although I was sure that went good, fizzled out.
The biggest irony is that after all I got an email from them, where they wrote to me, that I’m shit-hot and dope (blah blah blah…), but they still can’t hire me because “this and that”. Well… what a pity, that those “this and that” wasn’t even discussed at interview...Absurd chasing the absurd, I have no luck to career :(

Christmas spirit slowly comes to me, but even when I listen christmas playlists on Spotify I feel that I have worse mood than before. I don’t know how it works, but these melodies aggravate my current mood.It’s a little bit like get drunk - if you’re drinking because you’re happy, you’re cheerful, but when you’re drinking, because something went wrong, you get apogee of sorrow.

For more than 4 weeks I can’t heal myself. When I end one I just start another one illness. After we returned from Berlin I got high fever and I lied in bed whole week. My husband and daughter catched this from me.... The situation is already under control, but I still have a cough… I hope that I’ll be ok till the Christmas :)

We bought our christmas tree in a half of December. I really wanted to feet this christmas magic, that’s why we decided to decorate it as soon as it’s possible.
As I planned - our tree is small and stays on the fridge. I also tied it to the wall with a cord, because I don’t want let her melt down (believe me - everything is possible when you live with 3 cats and resolute almost 1,5 years old little girl).

Our home is already decorated with cotton balls (also our handmade). Actually I thought, that it will be hard to make it, because I expected a lot of to do. But we made it in one evening :)
And this one evening let me destress a little bit. I felt like a 7 years old little girl, which is making christmas ornaments. We decided to make colorful cotton balls (rainbow colors). We wanted to feel joy every time when we look at it :)
If you want to try make cotton balls, you can use this tutorial: KLIK :)

We’re making last christmas preparations. This year we’re making our great tuna salad as always and cake with a cranberry.
Fortunately most of the dishes are made by my uncle this year. He makes the best, I think my mum wouldn’t make it better.

We bought all gifts for everyone. Luckily our post office rise to the challenge and whole we got packages on time. I can’t wait to christmas eve, when our family will unpack them! :) Our Secret Santa gifts are also sent. I’m waiting for the relations of giftees.
Adam got his Secret Santa gift - it was really great! Some girl made crochet cup coasters with cats backsides and Stargate portals. She also made a toy - this green character from Minecraft - Maja likes to play with it :)

Because of christmas we decided to make a photo session to Maja. Making props was big fun. It wouldn’t be my style to buy finished products :)
So the chimney is made of a big Zooplus box and gifts are tea boxes wrapped in colorful paper. Maja doesn’t like photo sessions, she’s very impatient, but we were able to make some nice pics. Even cats were more interested in posing to a photo this year! Purka let her to put Santa hat on her head and Amaya jumped into a Santa sleigh (maybe because it’s made with a cardboard…) :)
After all - I’m really satisfied with these effects and I wanted to wish you merry christmas and a lot of successes in New Year :)

I came up with something cool, but it is too late to make it this year. Next year we want to organise online charity auction for Koteria cats.
People will be able to buy my handmade items, which I’m going to make this whole year! I promised myself, that each one month I’ll make at least 2 things. I’m not going to focus in one field, cause I like to get new skills in DIY. And for this moment I made a cross-stitch cat and phone cover.
It was hard to me to organize myself to make something, but when I have this resolution and I know that this auction is coming closer and closer - I know that I can!
DIY time lower my stress. We’re going to organize this auction in October 2017. I hope that some handmade lovers will support us. I think, that maybe someone will give 1 item in exchange for advertising him/her. This is a noble goal, all money goes to rescue and finding new homes for Warsaw street cats.

Actually I haven’t mentioned about our Berlin trip yet. Well… no chronology today, but I didn’t make a bullet points this time.
So, weekend in capital of Germany was really nice. We had a lot of time to visit touristic places and even more to relax.

Obligatory we had to see the Berlin Wall and Brandenburg Gate. We gave up on museums on Museum Island because of huge queues. We went only to the Natural History Museum, but I was disappointed. This one in London was much more interesting than in Berlin.

We went to christmas markets (there is a lot of them in Berlin!). And I have to admit - it was wonderful organized! A lot of happy people, huge selection of colorful treats, beautiful ornaments and mulled wine. The biggest and the most beautiful market is on Alexander Platz. There I felt this magic christmas spirit first time this year.

I bought a wooden (and not only) christmas tree ornaments.

Mandatory point of the program for a crazy cat lady was going to a cat cafe. But I’m disappointed of this visit. We were the first clients of this cafe in that day.
There are 4 cats living in this place, one of them was hiding in ‘no guests room’, so we haven’t seen him, two of them came to us immediately to say “hello” and the last one was sitting majestically on the radiator.

We pet those 2, which wanted to spend their time with us, I decided to pet a cat, which was heating near the window and I was scared! It was pedigree cat with very long fur and huge tangle on his back. What can I say? Tangle like this can’t appear in 1 night, it’s 5-8 months of neglect. Someone should cut off it immediately. The same cat was dirty and he had sticked fur with few days cat food on the paws and neck…
Ok, I know that none cat shouldn’t been washed if it’s not necessary, but please… when you have cat with long fur you have to take care about him different than short fur cat. These cats need to be combed and wiped with a damp cloth even every day!
Ok, I would understand that he’s dirty if I would come after all day when the cafe is open, maybe the don’t have enough time to do it when there are people… but mercy - we came there just for the opening!!

Before the first half hour we were the only guests of this cafe. Cats were walking between window and us. Sometimes they hugged to us, one of them wanted to sit on my husband’s laps. He also sit on the table for a while and returned to playing with his cat friend.

And then they came…. some german couple of “animal lovers” with their gadget phones!
Cats were of course blinded with a the flash lamp and kill them with kindness… This couple was catching cats, put on their laps, didn’t let them go and tried to pet them. And of course photo session at the same time...
Cat’s were running away, hiding under the tables, jumped at the highest shelves - but it didn’t discourage them.
One of the cat decided to hide to “no guests room”, the rest 2 were still in the cafe and this couple were still touching, petting and hugging them. At least they also decided to join to their friends so after 30 minutes since this couple came there was a cat cafe without any cats.

Well… they were just stupid people, but where was a staff this time? It’s really cool, that there are some rules in this cafe, but why no one enforces it?
I think some day we’ll return to Berlin, but I’m pretty sure that it was our last time in this cat cafe. In Berlin is also second one cat cafe, maybe it looks better there… I hope so...

Well… I have to go now, because we have to finish everything for tomorrow. So again: best wishes to you all!


Sometimes sun, sometimes rain

And lately also snow.
I don’t like winter, if it would be possible, I would like to hibernate through winter like a bear. White snow is really beautiful, but for me only on the pictures. The only one thing which I like in wintertime is possibility to spend evenings under the blanket with cats, book and cocoa, and I also like Christmas time.
But this year I feel anxious when I think about christmas eve; I’m not really happy about how these Christmas are going to look like. Not everything is like I wanted it.

Recently I realised, that I critically evaluate people around me. I can’t stop thinking negatively. Barbara is lazy-bones, she is 27 years old and she has never worked before (but she finished high school and didn’t go to the university); Kate offload on the facebook and she thinks that she’s cool because of this; Edyta praises herself, that after she broke up with John she’s happy again, she’s sharing a lot of photos with a lot of guys to prove, that she can get everyone (and she’s still sad because of John); Beata floods social channels with her kids photos - Royalty, Blanket and Destiny (at least 5 pictures of each , she probably thinks that she’s a hero because she has babies… [all names are changed].
I can count on the fingers of one hand people, whom I value. Ok, maybe there is more than 5, but still a not too much.

But don’t think about me like a nitpicker - I see even more defects in myself; a lot of which I don’t know how to repair, some of them beyond me and also few of them are part of me and I’m not going to do anything about it. And this all combines into one - I don’t like and accept myself.

I realised, that I don’t trust anyone. I’m not sure what is the truth and what is not. Even if someone lies to me about something really stupid (which doesn’t matter after few weeks), it’s hard to me to trust after that - especially in about important things. I don’t know what is wrong: was I naive in the past or am I picking holes now?

It’s funny how easy is to break contact with someone, who was a friend in the past, someone who always helped while we were studying. Just from day to day - one day friends, another one a strangers. I know, everybody has his own life, own business, own problems… But I feel sorry, when I know, that someone, who I like doesn’t care about me anymore.

What about my changing profession? I’m coding, trying, making my own projects… still no employment. I made a few recruitment projects, I’m still waiting for the answer from one company. I feel that I did well.

A few days ago I had an annual pacemaker control. They noticed tachycardia again… last time I had it 4 years ago. These are quite regular episodes, which fortunately don’t qualify me for another one ablation neither to the electrophysiological examination. But I don’t know how it’ll look like for a half of year, or 5 years. I also don’t know is it something new or renewed? And maybe it was there for 4 years, but they haven’t seen it before? My ablation was quite extensive, so it’s not hard to miss something.

I’ve been sick for 2 weeks. I got some mean virus, which gives me tiring cough, full sinus and low tolerance for activities - I’m tired when I go upstairs to the 3rd floor. I got antibiotic inhaled steroid but it helped for 2 days. I hope that I’ll be healthy till the Friday, cause we’re going to Berlin.
I’ve never been in Germany before. We’re going to relax more than visiting; we want to see only those main touristic and most important places in Berlin. I can’t wait to go to the christmas markets (which are supposedly the best in whole Europe).
And I also want to eat german ‘wurst’ (sausage) - everyone tell that they’re also the best in Europe! ;)
Throw those 3 days we’re not going to use our healthy diet. But it’s ok, since November year ago I lost 18 kg. I still don’t know if I can fit in my beautiful black dress (I’m afraid of trying), but I have whole December to lose more weight ;)
Keep your fingers crossed, especially that because of this stupid illness I had to resign of the gym and swimming pool :(

This year I bought my St. Nicholas’ Day gift myself. It was sent little bit earlier, but I enjoy it! I feel so purry now :) Everything is handmade - I ordered it on etsy.

To improve my mood I started making DIY things again. I made a few christmas gifts for my family, but I can’t share them here, because I don’t want to spoil any surprises (I’m not sure who is reading my blog). But I can show you chimney scarfs which I made for our secret santa exchange. It’s made with jersey fabrics and I feel that I have to order more fabric like this. It’s easy to work with it and a final product is nice :)

I also made my first ombre manicure. I used a small sponge to paint it, but I want to try also ombre with airbrush. My husband has airbrush to paint his Warhammer sculptures and I have to admit, that it’s cool stuff! I’ll share the effects with you, when I’ll finally try.

I made first preparations for Christmas. We hang christmas lamps inside and on balcony. We also bought a cotton balls. It all looks charming.

I think I would like to try to make my own cotton balls. I started ordering all products and we’ll make it together with Adam, when we come back from Berlin. It’ll be a substitute of tradition, which we had with my brothers when we were a kids - we made a lot of christmas ornaments by hand. It was a great time, sometimes I miss it.

We still don’t have a christmas tree, but I saw that there are already being sold. We’ll get it when we’ll come back from our german trip. This year we’re going to buy a small christmas tree, which will stand on the fridge. It’ll be safer, because I feel that everyone will be curious of this (cats and Maja). We always use plastic ornaments because of a cats, but I’m also afraid, that Maja would bite lamps (she still takes all new things into her mouth), she can also swallow some small elements… So, higher is better :)

Everyday Maja gains new skills, now she can open a box with cat’s crisps. Cats aren’t delighted, because ‘small, bald-headed and screaming’ is going to eat their food, when I won’t notice… :)

This year we had our first walk on the Old Town. Streets are (as always in winter time) beautiful lighted, christmas tree is even more beautiful than last year. It’s cold like always :)
We drunk hot lette and visited christmas market. On the market every year is the same trash, nothin new and unique. I can’t recommend this christmas market, but if you’re going to visit Warsaw one day you should go on the Old Town to see those wonderful ornaments on the Krakowskie Przedmieście Street :)


(A)typical gadgets, which help you to be a happy mummy (or daddy)

Today I’m going to write 100% baby note. I want to share with you opinion about some baby products, which helped me stay alive ;) Some of them are more popular and used more often than others, some of them are new for me, some of them I knew before. Well. let’s start!

First of all I want to mark, that it’s not sponsored post, I decided to write about it, because maybe one day you’ll need them. I just want to share some good ideas with you ;)

Shawl for breast-feeding
This is only for breast-feeding women. But I decided for breast-feeding, so it was a must to have it in my bag. I didn’t go outside without my shawl, which I used to cover myself when my daughter was eating.
I met a lot of people - some of them were supporters of natural feeding, some of them were furious about it. Black or white - nothing between.
I see no problem to feed baby in public places, I don’t care about it. If someone doesn’t want to cover herself - it’s not my business. But for me it was intimate sphere between me and my daughter so I tried to sit somewhere in the corner to be invisible and I covered myself.
Unfortunately lots of public places are still missing rooms to feed babies. Even in shopping malls there sometimes wasn’t any special room.
I chose this shawl made by Mama Bear. It’s made of high quality cotton fabric, it has regulated stripe and additionally it has filament on the top, so I could arrange it any way - Maja liked to see me when she was eating, so I made a small “window” on the top for her. It also provides airflow under the shawl.
There is a large selection of these products, my shawl costed 59 PLN, but if you want to save money you can sew similar one or even use tetra diaper or airy wrap :)

Baby swing
It was a great idea to buy a baby swing. It was the only way to have some silence :) Maja used it for 4-5 months. She could sit there even for 2-3 hours, sometimes she had a nap in it. That time we rented a small flat, so we decided to buy a 2 in 1 product - high chair + baby swing Lionelo Milan (it costs around 370 PLN).
It’s stable, so you don’t have to be afraid, that it’ll fall over. There are 2 inserts - cotton to swing and waterproof and easy to clean to eating. There are 2 exchangeable trays (smaller and bigger). The only one disadvantage was uncomfortable and hard to open 3-point fastening belt. I changed it with a different one which I bought in haberdashery :)

I get it in the neck few times because of this idea, a lot of people think about a playpen like about a little jail. Anyway I decided to buy it and I don’t regret it. Maja isn’t playing inside whole day, I use it when I have to go to the toilet, make a dinner etc. Therefore I don’t need to worry about her, I know that she won’t hurt herself.
We bought (secondhand playpen which costed us 150 PLN) made by Baby Design. We like the dimensions (it’s square) and unzippable side. So in future Maja will use it as a cubby to play in. Actually - our cats also love a playpen, it seems to be a big box for them ;)

Teething toy with the ice
It was our hit! Actually Maja passes gently teething (for now), but there were some moments, when she needed something what bring relief. During this time we used silicone teething toy with a space for ice cubes or frozen juice cubes. This one which we bought was a Fisher Price strawberry shape, but there is a lot of teething toy in each color and shape to put ice inside (in different prices). We paid something around 30 PLN for ours.

White noise
We used white noise until 7-8 months. Now we use it very rarely, because Maja doesn’t need it every night (only when is thunder storm outside or someone makes a loud party). We use iPad to turn on the sound, we recorded our sound of rain, but you can use something in Google.
We were thinking about buying white noise teddy bear, but we resigned, because I realised, that it’s not worth to spend so much money for a toy, which she’ll use for a very short time. But it is only my decision, a lot of parents praise this product, so don’t suggest only in my opinion. We didn’t like these teddy bears, but maybe you’ll like them.

Plastic circles to hang the toys
One day we found a genius product - plastic circles (which Maja could use as a toy in itself - she put one to another), but they function as well as a hanger for toys. You can use it everywhere - in the baby bed, stroller, playpen etc. And again - there is a huge selection of this kind of product; we bought Playgro zebra - it costs less than 20 PLN.

Bicycle trailer
Return to pre-pregnancy form isn’t neither fast nor easy, but it can be a little bit pleasure ;) I’m quite active person, I love biking; I can’t imagine to give up this. We bought bicycle trailer at spring (when the bike season just started) and we used it until the September/October.

You’ll probably ask me why I didn’t buy just a bike child seat. These are advantages of trailer:

  • it’s more comfortable for kid to seat in the trailer - there is more space to seat, 
  • better protection for rain/sun/wind, 
  • it has mosquito net, which is invaluable during mosquito-tick season. 

It’s very easy to ride a bike with a trailer, although it weighs around 10kg (plus a kid). We decided to buy Thule Chariot Cougar which was used before (the new one was too expensive for us - around 4000 PLN). But I have to admit, that it’s high quality product and we can use it until Maja will be 34kg. When you count how long it’ll be useful the price isn’t so scary like at the first glance.
There is a lot of bicycle trailers which you can buy, a lot of them are really cheap. What can I recommend you? Just try it before you buy. You should look at this product, check if the quality is good for you, because not always a cheap product has to be bad. If you choose a bicycle occasionally, you can try to rent a trailer - there are a companies, which offer this service :)

Cup holder
It’s great for parents! Many times I have to go somewhere very quickly, very often I don’t have enough time to drink a coffee at home, so I have to buy it somewhere in a coffee shop. Can you imagine how uncomfortable is to push the stroller with one hand and hold a coffee in the other? There is also a large selection of those holders. I bought Inovi holder (cost around 50 PLN), because it was the only one which I could buy in stationary shop (I needed it ‘for right now’). Quality is ok :)

Sling/ergonomic carrier
I tested both of them. Sling (costs between 100 - 300 PLN) is great for baby to 4-5 month, after this time it was almost unable to put her into a sling. She didn’t like tieing, because it took a long time. But I know some parents, who use a sling longer - it's just my daughter who stopped liking it so soon. Then we read about baby carrier and thought, that’s a good idea. It’s important to pick ergonomic one (kid is sitting there in “frog position” - it’s the only way to protect a spine and hip joints). Good rating encourage us to choose Tula carrier (new one costs around 450 PLN), but you can buy different one - there is a lot of cheaper, sometimes handmade also good quality carriers.

Sling or a baby carrier is the best when:

  • have to go somewhere very quickly and I don’t want to take a stroller, 
  • place where I go has no facilities for the disabled and parents, 
  • I’m going to walk somewhere for long time (shopping, long trip, visiting some interesting places etc) and I’m sure that my daughter won’t be able to sit for all this time in stroller. 

Kids usually like to be carried, but if you’re going to buy carrier or sling you should (in my opinion) try it before you buy ;) By the way - Misio also likes to be carried in Tula ;)

Blouse with a hole
It’s the item closely related to this one which I wrote about above. It’s a blouse, which protect mum and a baby carried in sling or baby carrier. Our cloth (Greyse, cost around 200 PLN) is soft but quite thin. When there are cool days it’s great, but when the temperature is low, we both need to wear additionally some cardigan.
This blouse is really comfortable for baby, it’s warmer when we’re hugging than we’re separate. And you know - the closer of mum, the better for kid ;) It’s worth to search a bit, but I think the best bet is to choose handmade products - they’re usually better quality than others.

The pillow which corrects head shape
When I born Maja she had flat head. We were visiting a lot of doctors - neurologists, orthopaedists and even surgeons… They threatened us with the orthopedic helmet and surgeons.
Little baby has soft bones, so it’s possible to correct these defects, but Maja didn’t want to cooperate ;)
Our last resort was a HeadCare pillow (cost around 190 PLN). It works very simply - it uses basic laws of physics - it transfers the center of pressure and after few weeks head is returning to appropriate shape. The pillow is safe and you can use it also as a prevention. When I’ll have second baby I’ll definitely use it again.
When I bought a pillow I got one extra pillowcase. There are more pillowcases available in the shop, but I decided to sew it myself, cause it was cheaper for me ;)

I’m curious your opinions about these products (if you used it). Or maybe you had yours “must have” maternal products? ;)