Creative and meowy

I should start with my stressful situation this time - Amaya started to pee everywhere. We made a urine test and showed, that she has crystals (magnesium ammonium triphosphate) in the urine. It was quite strange, because these crystals appear in alkaline pH, and she had acid pH. We’re not sure know what it means.

Of course Amaya got an antibiotic and referral for examination. I was very stressed when we were going on ultrasound examination, but fortunately the result turned out to be quite good. Maybe not by the book results, but we don’t have to worry about it.
Amaya’s pancreas surprised me positively - it looks better than on the last tests. Now she doesn’t pee everywhere, she uses a toilet box again. She feels good I think, because she’s causing mischief like always ;)
So now we don’t have to make no more tests (that’s good, because each one examination is stressful for her), we also don’t have to add more medicines. We have to only make a urine test after 3 weeks, but we’re making it at home, so it’s ok for her.

Few days ago I was able to spend more time with Wally and Mimi than usual.
Mimi doesn’t like to make her a picture, so I don’t have a lot of them; Wally is too fast, so also I couldn’t capture him :) They’re so positive! The grow up since I saw them last time. They are so different, but they make a good couple together.
Sometimes I feel, that animals can make close-knit team - even better than people. I don’t know how it works, it may be a matter of lack of prejudice, pet’s doesn’t know what the bias is. Or maybe it’s only fact, that they are honest and kind.

There is nothing new about my job. Sometimes recruiters call me… and say nothing. I have no idea, what’s wrong with me. I’m trying to change my trade. I joined to the course, which probably will help me with it. It’s going to last until January, I hope that I’ll be working somewhere by this time. I could even start with internship… I really don’t know what to think about it all.
I’m not sure if it’s good, that I’m requalifying, I’m not sure if I’ll be good in it and even if I want to do it for long time. I feel lost and confused, I need some advice, because I don’t know what am I doing now.
Lately I have low opinion about myself, I always criticize myself and my skills. Some time ago I red somewhere, that no one will make you feel bad as much as you can make it yourself. And I think there is a hint of truth.
The worst thing is that I know, that my life doesn’t look like as I want to, but I can’t change it. I feel a huge fear when I think about some of them.
I still convince myself, that we didn’t move to London, because I got pregnant. Now I realise, that we should have make it even faster than we planned at the beginning. I should born my baby there. But I don’t know english reality - I don’t know how easier would be get a job there (if it would be easier at all).

I’m trying to reduce stress, so I’m resorting to my creativity. I’m making a lot of nice things now. I don’t have enough time to finish all my ideas, but I’m trying to make most of them.
The last thing I made was a skirt for Maja - I made it for a costume party. They’re organising little Halloween for kids in daycare; Maja is going to be a pumpkin. She’ll wear a pumpkin body and this skirt :)

I also decided to make all ornaments for Maja’s first birthday. I bought only a balloons and garland. Everything else is handmade with crepe paper, cardboard and washi tape.

We also decided to homemade a birthday cake (mainly because of the cakes prices and also because we have strong allergy person among the guests which were invited for a party). So we made colorful and healthy cake (pigments which we used are 100% natural made of plants).

Maja didn’t want to blow out the candle, but she liked the cake :)
What was sad for me? That some people didn’t come - my father-in-law told, that he won’t come, because he needs to record some TV show (which has no repetition) and Maja’s godmother couldn’t come, cause she didn’t want to leave her cat alone for one day. Well… they all didn’t even invent some reasonable excuse…
Anyway the party was really nice :)

Weekend is going to end, next week I’m going to have a few appointments i.a. my cardiologist and Maja’s vaccinations.
And next weekend we’re going to the costume party - I have to make sth in Halloween theme for me and Adam.
Celebrating this holiday in Poland is indiscretion for me, but making a costume and have a party in a closed circle is ok for me. I don’t like this USA tradition - walking from flat to flat, asking for sweets and playing in “trick or treat”. It’s ok in USA, but not in Poland.
Americans have a joyful time, we have time of reflection… I would like All Saints' Day to stay traditional.

I’ll try to write something soon. I’m going to also create typical ‘baby note’, but I’m leaving it for different day, when I’ll have better mood.

And again for the end I’m sharing with you Purka and Amaya-babysitter - she was helping my daughter to play with crayons first time :)

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