Arts, cats and a little bit of Christmas

I think I should begin where I ended last time. My art spirit isn’t in the best condition now. And the only reason why is because I have no time for DIY now :( I have thousands of ideas per minute, but there is a lot of to do, that I can’t even begin… I think I finished my embroidery floss bracelets, I made so much of them, that I don’t even know which I should wear now ;)

Can you guess which one was the most difficult to do? Now I enjoy coloring! I bought anti-stress coloring book!

I use coloring pages now, but I’m thinking about interesting project “how would my cat look like when he/she would be a human?” I have 3 cats and I would like to draw them! I’m going to use crayons, but maybe someday I would redraw it on computer.
I see them with the eyes of imagination. Maybe I’ll add some description, but no more than 5-10 sentences. I think, maybe it would be a good idea for contest? I have to think about it, but if I’ll decide to make it, I’ll write about it on my fanpage (here:  Wymruczane Marzenia). It will be most reasonable to think about it next year. Maybe I’ll have more time then, but I’m not sure about anything now. If it succeeds we’ll go abroad on January. But I’m not going to write about it now, cause we have nothing certain yet.

I don’t have good news about my cats :( Urwis is getting worse. Tumor grew up at an alarming rate. It’s classified as not for surgery now. We have no idea how long is he going to be with us but he feels worse each one day, he has no strength to live. But until we see a spark of hope, we won’t decide for euthanasia. It’s really hard to watch him dying, I can’t accept it. He’s my friend, who was with me almost whole of my childhood. He is 15 years old, it’s not very old cat, he could have some part of lifetime ahead of him… It’s unfair :(

My cats aren’t in the best shape too. Urine tests are quite ok, but Misio has recurrent gastritis. We cure one and after few days we have another one. He has a few teeth removed, he’s also after ultrasound examination (the result wasn’t very good). I’m waiting for another one veterinary consultation, but I have some bad feelings about it :(

Purka has skin lesions, which suddenly appeared on two legs. We got some steroid ointment for her and we use it 2 times for day. She has to wear veterinary collar, because it’s not healthy for her if she licks this. My poor lamp doesn’t know how to walk with collar, she gets stuck between furnitures, falls down from bed, sometimes she freezes for a while… I feel sorry for her, but it’s better, than licking this ointment.

I’m still waiting for Amaya’s tests. I hope that everything will be at least the same as last time...

I can’t wait for a Christmas. Time passes quickly, it’s a half of November now, I don’t know where I lost a whole month. This year we decided not to buy any gifts, only for kids (my daughter and my brother’s kids).We still didn’t establish who’s going to prepare which dish, but I expect that (like last few years) we’ll make tuna salad and some cake. My husband is baking something all the time, so I think, he’ll handle it ;) . 
Christmas reminds me about meeting my family, smell of christmas tree and mandarins :)

And this year it’s going to to be much more cheerful than usual ;)


We’re all together now!

Our little daughter is one month old today! :)
We’re all feeling good, despite sleepless nights we’re really happy.
Maja was born 20th of October at 4:03pm. She weighed 3,9 kg and she got 10 points on Apgar scale. It was 6 days earlier than we planned ;) Fortunately I trusted my intuition and I didn’t rely on what my gynecologist said… It’s funny, because the same day at the morning I had an appointment and she told me, that childbirth didn’t start. Despite this i decided to go to the hospital, where turned out that some part of my fetal water flowed out, and childbirth started at least 4 hours before I was on my appointment. So they took me very quickly to the operating room, surgery took no more than 40 minutes. everything went quickly and without complications. After a few day we were home together :)  

My little girl isn’t very weepy, as you probably know, she cries sometimes when she’s hungry, she has dirty diaper or she needs to hug. But at the moment she isn’t whiny. She still can’t distinguish when is day and when is night, so she sleeps very good all day and she want’s to play at night. I hope, that it’ll change quickly ;)

My cats were really positive and gentle in contact with Maja. Purka and Amaya was careful at the beginning, but the same at the evening Amaya licked Maja’s head :) And Misio - he loves everybody so since first day he loves to sleep with Maja in her bed :) Purka still avoids Maja, but she’s not very scared. She’s curious and sometimes she sniffs her!

I note that cats are not baby killers - none of them will strangle her, infect a deadly disease, scratch her, and won’t pluck out her eyes. I'm sorry when I hear about pets, who lost their homes because of these ridiculous reasons!
They don’t understand why... 
I’ll share you below few photos, to prove, that cats are the best nannies ever! :)
We love to hug each other :)

That’s system of changing bed guard :)

"I have to hold her peacemaker, because she’ll lose it"

"I purred so much, that I napped"

She put off the blanket, so I have to put my paw on it"

"We have more colorful dreams when we sleep together"

"You can dress up, I’ll take care of her, so don’t worry! "

I have no time to write more. Maybe next time. And also I have to show you my new bracelets. My art spirit slowly walks away, but there is another one on the horizon ;) But next time I’ll tell you more about it ;)