We’re all together now!

Our little daughter is one month old today! :)
We’re all feeling good, despite sleepless nights we’re really happy.

Maja was born 20th of October at 4:03pm. She weighed 3,9 kg and she got 10 points on Apgar scale. It was 6 days earlier than we planned ;) Fortunately I trusted my intuition and I didn’t rely on what my gynecologist said… It’s funny, because the same day at the morning I had an appointment and she told me, that childbirth didn’t start. Despite this i decided to go to the hospital, where turned out that some part of my fetal water flowed out, and childbirth started at least 4 hours before I was on my appointment. So they took me very quickly to the operating room, surgery took no more than 40 minutes. everything went quickly and without complications. After a few day we were home together :)  

My little girl isn’t very weepy, as you probably know, she cries sometimes when she’s hungry, she has dirty diaper or she needs to hug. But at the moment she isn’t whiny. She still can’t distinguish when is day and when is night, so she sleeps very good all day and she want’s to play at night. I hope, that it’ll change quickly ;)

My cats were really positive and gentle in contact with Maja. Purka and Amaya was careful at the beginning, but the same at the evening Amaya licked Maja’s head :) And Misio - he loves everybody so since first day he loves to sleep with Maja in her bed :) Purka still avoids Maja, but she’s not very scared. She’s curious and sometimes she sniffs her!

I note that cats are not baby killers - none of them will strangle her, infect a deadly disease, scratch her, and won’t pluck out her eyes. I'm sorry when I hear about pets, who lost their homes because of these ridiculous reasons!
They don’t understand why... 
I’ll share you below few photos, to prove, that cats are the best nannies ever! :)
We love to hug each other :)

That’s system of changing bed guard :)

"I have to hold her peacemaker, because she’ll lose it"

"I purred so much, that I napped"

She put off the blanket, so I have to put my paw on it"

"We have more colorful dreams when we sleep together"

"You can dress up, I’ll take care of her, so don’t worry! "

I have no time to write more. Maybe next time. And also I have to show you my new bracelets. My art spirit slowly walks away, but there is another one on the horizon ;) But next time I’ll tell you more about it ;)

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