It was very nice to return to Wroclaw after 3 years. I was able to see places, I couldn’t visit last time and return to places, I love. There are a few places, which changed a little bit, but the nice atmosphere - joy and smiling people is the same as when I was there for the first time. This city is so positive and full of life.

It was girly trip of 3 generations - my daughter, me and my mom :)

Last time, when I was here with my husband we didn’t go to The Raclawice Panorama, cause they renovated it. Now we did it! I’m very impressed - this painting is so realistic and each one detail is painted so neatly that you might think that it’s real fight scene, where someone pressed pause button. I really recommend to go there if you’re visiting Wroclaw :)

We also decided to go to the ZOO. And I have to admit, that it’s the best ZOO which I ever seen! Animals have huge space to live. There are not an awful lot of species, but I’m sure, that they all feel good there. They have some space in buildings - they can hide there when it’s too hot or too cold or just they don’t want to be watched by people. They can also hide in high grass, trees and bushes - that’s very positive. You go there and you see, that this ZOO is their house, and the most important there are animals, not visitors.
When we went there there was sunny nice day, a lot of animals spent the time outside, so we could see a lot of species. Lions were the best of all; the lion was soaking up the sun and the lioness came to him and nudged like a domestic cat ;) Well - lion is also a cat, but little bit bigger - he also needs love and tenderness ;)
I didn’t have enough time to film it, it was just a moment! But I have a lot of photos of other animals :)

I also like visiting the botanical garden of Wroclaw University a lot. It is a calm, nice and relaxing place. Actually - it’s one of those places I visit everytime I’m in Wroclaw. It’s maybe not the biggest botanical garden I ever seen, but in my opinion it’s the best organised and charming :)

Fans of high altitude will definitely like Sky Tower. It’s nothing more than 49th floors building with a lot of offices inside. The last floor is available for visitors. Height makes an impression, I saw beautiful Wroclaw panorama. If the weather is nice (we had cloudless sky) there is possible to see Karkonosze mountains - we saw the Sniezka summit :)

And for fans of trains/piko I can recommend ‘Kolejkowo’ exhibition - it’s Wroclaw model with a lot of details. The most touristic (and not only) places are made on a small scale. I don’t know the city as good as people living there, but when I was talking with them I learnt, that the organizers did it very well - they made even stores signboards, graffiti on the walls and the technical condition of some buildings.

Obligatory when you go to Wroclaw you have to walk around the old town and on Ostrow Tumski district. On the Tumski bridge we hang the padlock 3 years ago (it was our first anniversary of marriage). I was looking for it, but I didn’t find. Technical condition of all those padlocks was bad. Every padlock that matched the size of ours was very rusty and destroyed and I couldn’t find the one. (I hope it’s still somewhere there).

Everywhere I go I meet some cat - it was the same during this trip. I think that I attract them :) So meet my new tricolor friend, which was walking with us when we were in fountain park. I pet her for quite a while and I wanted to leave her, but she was following me. 
She went on to the road when I didn’t watch and I had to rescue her, because some driver didn’t even slow down when he saw her! And this pretty cat lady? Oh… she was making a toilet in the middle of the street… 
I’m really sad, because someone is letting her walk near big road (because I’m sure it’s domestic cat). She likes probably everyone, who wants to pet her. One day there won’t be any human who can rescue her from being run over.

Whereas about the family meetings - I have to admit, that I’m satisfied.
We visited 2 families - my grandma’s and my grandpa’s.

Both of them were very positive. This one from Wroclaw city I feel like I knew my whole life. I really enjoyed meeting them, next holidays they’ll come to Warsaw to visit us :) I’m sure that one day we’ll go to them to Wroclaw too.

I regret only one thing - I wasn’t able to make a contact with most of them from my generation. I met only one boy, the rest people are living somewhere else in Poland, the most of them nearby Poznan city, some of them in Jelenia Gora city. I fear that we won’t organize one meeting for all of them, they won’t come. Used to be some time ago, that people met their whole families every holidays - Christmas, Easter etc… Nowadays not many people cultivate this tradition. But maybe we could try, it’s a quite close family (which I didn’t know earlier)...

And for the end few pictures of Siwa - my aunts cat lady :)

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