Anniversary by the sea

It was spontaneous trip - we haven’t planed it for long before we went. But we liked it! It was the 4th anniversary of our marriage - that’s why we picked August for this trip.

We started preparation a few days earlier - we made ceramic plate with heart shape and with the date we got married :) As always we went to Formy Kolory. We had a lot of fun and we made something unique! :)

It’s our little tradition to make something permanent for years.Each year we make something, what we leave somewhere, we plan to return in each one place someday :) It still should be there (if anyone won’t destroy it). 
It’s good idea to make something, cause we spend time together. And at the end we’re putting our DIY somewhere in the world :)

The adhesive has bonded for 24 hours, after this time we could uncover it (the newspaper and sticky tape).

That’s how it looks like:

Our Baltic sea trip was very active, but I feel rested. There is fresh air, not like in Warsaw.
We didn’t have perfect weather, we couldn’t take sun bath, there were rainy days, a lot of clouds and a little bit of sun. We made a lot of trips, we were going for a walk by the sea, we visited small pier and few little cities nearby.
We ate delicious fish, wafers with the chocolate topping and beer with the raspberry juice.

There were also a cats - a lot of cats. I couldn’t make a photo of each one, because not each one wanted to come closer. But some of them - like these - were asking for attention and petting them :)
And again the tabby cats were the most sociable!

I’m a crazy cat lady, so I had to bring some cat souvenirs. First one is also a anniversary gift from my husband - beautiful bracelet with the cat and heart.
The last one is the result of my absent mindedness - I had to buy chimney scarf, because I left mine (also with cats) at home. But there is never enough cat gadgets ;)

If you like it, you should watch charity auctions of ‘Kocia Łapka’. I brought 2 chimney scarves for charity sale :) They’ll probably appear in charity allegro soon.

Everything good ends quickly, so this trip also ended too quick.
This year we plan one more trip, but I’m going to write about it next time.

My cats didn’t like the fact, that we left home for few days. Especially, that this time my mum couldn’t stay with them. This time my friend came to them once for each one day, she stayed 2-3 hours and went home. After we returned they showed us, that they took offense, but they stopped when I opened a can with cat food ;)

Purka was walking on my back whole night, Amaya was slipping on my butt and Misio purred over somewhere between me and my husband.

The disadvantage of every trip is leaving cats at home. Separation with them is difficult for me. I can’t leave home for longer than week, cause I miss them too much.

Now when we returned I’m thinking only about Majas adaptation in nursery. Although I’m positive, but I’m still little bit nervous - because it’s new environment, my daughter will be there with new people - babysitters and kids - which she meets first time just 3 days before. Suddenly she won’t see us almost a whole day (between 7:30 am and 5 pm). Until now she had us all the time. Of course - we had some days without her, she sometimes stayed with her grandma. But she also knows her from the beginning, she feels safe with her.

But at the same time I feel relieved, because I’m going to have some time for myself, before I’ll return to work. Throughout September I’m going to catch up with everything and find permanent work.
I feel contradictory feelings, but I’m still trying to be positive and don’t worry too much.
And at the end some pictures from our Baltic Sea trip :)

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