Summer activities

After this month full of trips and visiting some interesting places I returned to Warsaw and I realized, that I'm resting - I don’t have to be so organised. I was able to slow down a little bit. Again I can change all my plans 5 minutes before something happens, I can be lazy and wear pajamas till 10am :)
Maybe I’m not always rested, but surely I have more power and I feel more comfortable that week ago. I’m surrounded by plants, herbs on my loggia are growing (some pots were vicious digged by Purka, one pot melted on the window sill… but still more profit than loss - my balcony is getting green), sugar peas climbs on the net :) 
On this weekend we’re going to make wooden bench. We ordered planks and bought all tools we need to make it. We’ll have wonderful arbor soon! I’m going to spend there all sunny days with Maja. By the way we’re going to make high positioned hammock for cats - they’ll be delighted :) This is compensation of this noise which they’ll have to stand when we’ll work on this. It won’t be pleasure for their soft ears.

We’re slowly returning to exercises. I have an ambitious plan to fit into my beautiful black dress on New Year’s Eve. Keep your fingers crossed! :)

I have been taking aqua aerobic for a month and I'm delighted. I really like the exercises - it is organised very well, it strengthens the muscles and lets me relax after whole day with Maja, who still can’t walk, but started crawling and before I can know she’s sitting under the table or sofa ;)

I missed swimming (I had to stop when I was pregnant and I couldn’t organise myself to go after the childbirth) so I decided to buy swimming pool pass. After each aqua aerobic I stay longer to swim. I’m not in the same condition I was in before I got pregnant, but slowly I’m getting better :)
Maja also likes swimming pool. She’s almost 8 months old so we decided to take her to a swimming pool too. We want her to get used to the water. When I was a kid I was afraid to swim, I don’t want for her to afraid of this in future.

I also want to return to jogging again. That’s why we bought bicycle trailer with the option to redo it for jogging stroller. It’s really cool! Although it weighs 10kg, it’s easy to ride with it, I almost don’t feel it. The only one disadvantage of this trailer is that my daughter can’t change sitting position. Maja doesn’t like to stay in one position for long time. But when I go somewhere with her and make e.g. picnic, where she can sit on the blanket, play with me and then return to the trailer - that’s ok :) Now we have great weather for picnics and grills, so we use this and we can barely recommend :) Bike trailers aren’t very cheap (if you want to buy high quality trailer of course), but on the other hand - you can use it until your child is under 35kg - so it’s not only for 1 year old. 
She’ll be 3-4 years old or even more when she can’t use it anymore, so the price is not that scary. I think it’s more safe then baby bike seat. But I don’t exclude using baby bike seat in future, because I want have more than one kid ;) I’m not going to buy 2-kid bike trailer, because it’s hard to ride the bike with it and also it’s impossible to fit in the door (so I won’t even be able to use an elevator…)

I really love to ride a bike, Maja likes to have contact with nature, so buying the bicycle trailer was great decision.

We’re going for a walk with Maja very often - sometimes close, sometimes far from home. Recently we were on Kafka picnic - it’s small event in Kafka cafe, where charity pets foundations and organisations are selling some items. There are also specialists, who you can talk to for example about nature and behavior of pets. This year, because weather was really nice, there were a lot of people :)

We still haven’t planned our holiday time. In August we’re going to go with my mum and Maja to Wrocław. We’re going to relax, and my husband is going to write his master thesis :) Wrocław is very beautiful city, I was there few years ago and I fall in love with those charming alleyways of the old town. I really want to come back there.

And in September we’re going to go to London with my husband and our little girl. Last time we were there we didn’t have enough time to visit every interesting places. Now we have second chance to do this. London is -for now - the only one place, where I don’t feel like total stranger. People don’t look at me only like on tourist as was the case in Greece or Spain.
As always - I can’t wait to travel. I love to visit some places, which I haven’t ever seen or which I liked during last holidays. But I really miss my cats. That’s why I prefer to go for few shorter trips than one long.

Maybe we’ll be able to go somewhere for 2-3 days in July.
My art spirit is in good condition now. I’m making a lot of friendship bracelets. I’m using more often my sewing machine, that’s why I have more scraps to make my masCATs :) Run of luck continues, so I have thousands ideas per minute!

And at the end I have to share with you photos of my purr friends. Some of them were made during the ”My cat has a home campaign” - I love these shots:)

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