I’m pulling slowly myself together...

I’m trying to write this note for three weeks, but something is going on all the time… It’s really hard time for me… Black February - that’s the only way I can call this terrible month. I’m waiting for the end of this all.

1st of February Urwis passed away. That was wonderful friend and very important member of our family. He felt worse and worse each one day. Vet agreed to make the last one surgery, but she warned us, that this will longer his life max for 3 months. She decided for this step only, because she saw his enormous will to live.
But he didn’t make it. He left us until he had surgery. His heart just stopped... It hurts me that when he was passing away, no one was with him. When he was falling asleep he didn’t have company, he couldn’t even hug this time. And then he never woke up :( But I hope that now he’s happy and he doesn’t feel any pain.

It was too hard for us, when Urwis gone. Vet told us, that her friend found some cats who are homeless. It was too early, but my mum agreed to take them, they were in need. That’s how she adopted Mimi (this black one, she’s around 3 years old) and Figielek (around 1,5 years old). They came from the place where 58 cats lived on 50m2!! But they got acclimatized very quickly.

Wonderful cats. Mimi is little bit overmodest and fragile. When someone comes to home she hides deep in the wardrobe, but few minutes later she comes out, meows and wants to sit on someone's laps. When you pet her she purrs really loud. Figielek is the opposite - friendly, but he didn’t like to be picked up. But he never refused scratching his chin or behind his ear.  
But our happiness didn’t last long. After less than week he started feel bad. At the beginning he was just slowly and he was sleeping longer than usual. After few days he lost his appetite.

Our vet examined him and she made a diagnosis: pneumonia.  
Everyday he got injections, which didn’t help him… The only one thing better was, that medicines made the temperature lower. The rest symptoms were the same as at the beginning. Additional on the X-ray photo vet saw, that there is some fluid in the lungs...

She changed medicines, made more test… No improvement.
On second one X-ray photo turned out, that there is more fluid in his lungs.
We were fighting till the end...
Figielek got sick on FIP. In this situation we couldn’t make anything to heal him. The only way to stop the agony was letting him go - worthily and without suffering.
17th of February (on international cat day) Figielek passed away. He was with us just a while, but we already loved him.

Mimi missed him very much, she didn’t understand what happened. Her friend suddenly disappeared. She was looking for him everywhere, that was so sad...
We lost 2 cats in less than 2 weeks and also poor Mimi felt lost.
We still can’t reconcile with this injustice. I feel that it’ll take long time to cope with this. Figielek was admirable, he loved us all - even Maja, who is very loud sometimes. But it didn’t bother him, he loved to curl up and sleep next to her.

But we had to start new episode without Figielek.
We were sorry to look at Mimi, my mom also was very depressed. I called my friend, which leads charitable foundation. She has temporary home for rescued cats.
She told us, that she has friendly cat, who needs his own home and loving human to live with.

She brought us cheerful cat - his name is Wally. He’s also very friendly, he loves to be pet and he wants to play with almost everything. He can give us a good laugh.
And he also likes Maja.

Socialization was very quickly, it took over a dozen hours. He came one day at the evening, and another one at the morning he was playing with Mimi. Whole night he was isolated and he was talking with Mimi through the closed door. In the morning at the first opportunity he run away :)
They really like each other, the play together, once I saw them sleeping on the same pillow! And finally Mimi isn’t sad. I think the big friendship is before them, but they are on the right track for this.
Wally stole our hearts since he arrived to us. He’s very positive cat.

There was a lot of changes in February - also for my cats.
It was a little bit stressful situation, but they accepted moving to new flat. We decided to switch to bigger one. Maja is learning new things each one day, she’ll be crawling on all fours soon. She needs some space for this. When we lived in studio there was so tightly, that it was hard to walk easily.
Now we have 20m2 more than before we moved.
Purka had to (of course) visit every corner. She was already everywhere, where she could or even couldn’t go ;)

Amaya - like always in new situation - she was sitting under the sofa, but at some point she decided to go out. First few days she was walking around me all the time and she was talking in her meow language ;)
Now, when stress is over she’s playing and visiting every cupboard :)

And Misio, like the first time. He loves the most to spend time with us, the next in queue is making mischief with the rest of cat band ;) I don’t think he was stressed. As if he knew at once that it doesn’t matter where, the most important is company :)

Days are passing by one by one, each one is the same as previous… No variety, no changes… Everyday the same monotony.
I have to wake up, eat some breakfast, feed Maja, take 5 minutes shower, playing with her, attempt to get her asleep, less that 40 minutes for myself, feed her again, playing, a little bit of exercises (also with her), again attempt to get her asleep, in the meantime walking and quick shopping… And that’s the same things repeating over and over again until my husband is returning from work. Then we’re eating quick dinner. And after eating, when he’s taking care of Maja I have time for myself - I can sew, make manicure or just lie on the sofa...
And so every day… I feel tired and weary.
Recently nothing works out as it should. Maybe if this stupid month will finally ends...

(office clips with Purka and Amaya from latest ’kot w worku’ surprise box)

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