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I thought, that I won’t make more, but i felt, that I have to… ;)

At the beginning I was inspired by Christmas time, after that inspiration just came ;)  
So I made a Christmas trees and the green zig zag. This pattern was the most difficult for me, but also one of the best I ever saw. That’s why I decided to repeat it. It’s possible, that someday I’ll make more in different colors.

Also before Christmas I had a date with my sewing machine ;) I was sewing pillowcases and finally I finished quiet book for Maja. With the scraps of fabrics also I made a plush giraffe for pulling and biting - also for my little daughter.
Here you have photos of giraffe. For the movie with quiet book you have to wait a bit, because I don’t have enough time to make it :(
But when it’ll be ready I’ll show you!

Christmas time was really nice and peaceful :) It was little bit strange because of no gifts. I know that gifts are not the most important thing, but it’s nice to see someone’s smile while he’s unpacking the box. Next year definitely we’ll buy everyone something small :)

I didn’t have enough time to wish you merry Christmas… I was going to do it, but after all I didn’t write a note :( I hope, that your christmas time was the same just like us.

I know that’s the end of January, but I would like to wish you Happy New Year and a lot of luck and health. I hope this year will be better for you and for us too :)

January is little bit lazy for us. My husband returned from San Francisco last week. We were going to fly together, but I came to the conclusion, that Maja is too little to go so far. And also my husband had to work all the time, so we wouldn’t even have enough time to see anything.
So at the end he flight alone and maybe next time we’ll go with him :)

In April we would like to go to London for few days, but it’s also nothing certain. It all depends of Maja, which is getting new skills each one day. She changes her behavior very often; too often to predict if we’ll be able to go with her anywhere. Now there is no such thing like planning, only spontaneous trip ;)

My cats sometimes better sometimes worse. Purka’s and Misio’s basic medical research aren’t really good again. Again they have to be on a special diet and get some supplements. Purka’s leg is little bit better, but still not completely healed. The ointment stopped to cure and she had to get intramuscular injection with steroid. It’s possible, that we’ll have to make it again for some time. I hope it’ll be better soon.

Amaya’s health without any changes - it’s the most positive information of all.

Love between cats and Maja is growing up each one day. Amaya helps with everyday body care, Misio is soul of the company. Purka - it depends of her mood, but the most she loves me ;) She’s my faithful friend :)

Urwis is still getting worse :( He doesn’t feel good, he doesn’t want to eat, so he lost weight. He has also problems with walking, he has diarrhea very often… He wants to hug all the time :( I think, there was little time left to him… On this photo below he still looks good...

That’s all for today, I have to strength to write more… It’s too hard for me :( I’ll try to say something for some time.

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