Colorful for Christmas

I’m trying to write this note for a week, but I keep procrastinating. There is everyday something to do. I’m sorry, today my note is without rhyme or reason. You have to forgive me this… Lately I’m trying to find any positives, to stick a smile when I have to go outside.

Another one job interview, although I was sure that went good, fizzled out.
The biggest irony is that after all I got an email from them, where they wrote to me, that I’m shit-hot and dope (blah blah blah…), but they still can’t hire me because “this and that”. Well… what a pity, that those “this and that” wasn’t even discussed at interview... Absurd chasing the absurd, I have no luck to career :(

Christmas spirit slowly comes to me, but even when I listen christmas playlists on Spotify I feel that I have worse mood than before. I don’t know how it works, but these melodies aggravate my current mood.It’s a little bit like get drunk - if you’re drinking because you’re happy, you’re cheerful, but when you’re drinking, because something went wrong, you get apogee of sorrow.

For more than 4 weeks I can’t heal myself. When I end one I just start another one illness. After we returned from Berlin I got high fever and I lied in bed whole week. My husband and daughter catched this from me.... The situation is already under control, but I still have a cough… I hope that I’ll be ok till the Christmas :)

We bought our christmas tree in a half of December. I really wanted to feet this christmas magic, that’s why we decided to decorate it as soon as it’s possible.
As I planned - our tree is small and stays on the fridge. I also tied it to the wall with a cord, because I don’t want let her melt down (believe me - everything is possible when you live with 3 cats and resolute almost 1,5 years old little girl).

Our home is already decorated with cotton balls (also our handmade). Actually I thought, that it will be hard to make it, because I expected a lot of to do. But we made it in one evening :)
And this one evening let me destress a little bit. I felt like a 7 years old little girl, which is making christmas ornaments. We decided to make colorful cotton balls (rainbow colors). We wanted to feel joy every time when we look at it :)
If you want to try make cotton balls, you can use this tutorial: KLIK :)

We’re making last christmas preparations. This year we’re making our great tuna salad as always and cake with a cranberry.
Fortunately most of the dishes are made by my uncle this year. He makes the best, I think my mum wouldn’t make it better.

We bought all gifts for everyone. Luckily our post office rise to the challenge and whole we got packages on time. I can’t wait to christmas eve, when our family will unpack them! :) Our Secret Santa gifts are also sent. I’m waiting for the relations of giftees.
Adam got his Secret Santa gift - it was really great! Some girl made crochet cup coasters with cats backsides and Stargate portals. She also made a toy - this green character from Minecraft - Maja likes to play with it :)

Because of christmas we decided to make a photo session to Maja. Making props was big fun. It wouldn’t be my style to buy finished products :)
So the chimney is made of a big Zooplus box and gifts are tea boxes wrapped in colorful paper. Maja doesn’t like photo sessions, she’s very impatient, but we were able to make some nice pics. Even cats were more interested in posing to a photo this year! Purka let her to put Santa hat on her head and Amaya jumped into a Santa sleigh (maybe because it’s made with a cardboard…) :)
After all - I’m really satisfied with these effects and I wanted to wish you merry christmas and a lot of successes in New Year :)

I came up with something cool, but it is too late to make it this year. Next year we want to organise online charity auction for Koteria cats.
People will be able to buy my handmade items, which I’m going to make this whole year! I promised myself, that each one month I’ll make at least 2 things. I’m not going to focus in one field, cause I like to get new skills in DIY. And for this moment I made a cross-stitch cat and phone cover.
It was hard to me to organize myself to make something, but when I have this resolution and I know that this auction is coming closer and closer - I know that I can!
DIY time lower my stress. We’re going to organize this auction in October 2017. I hope that some handmade lovers will support us. I think, that maybe someone will give 1 item in exchange for advertising him/her. This is a noble goal, all money goes to rescue and finding new homes for Warsaw street cats.

Actually I haven’t mentioned about our Berlin trip yet. Well… no chronology today, but I didn’t make a bullet points this time.
So, weekend in capital of Germany was really nice. We had a lot of time to visit touristic places and even more to relax.

Obligatory we had to see the Berlin Wall and Brandenburg Gate. We gave up on museums on Museum Island because of huge queues. We went only to the Natural History Museum, but I was disappointed. This one in London was much more interesting than in Berlin.

We went to christmas markets (there is a lot of them in Berlin!). And I have to admit - it was wonderful organized! A lot of happy people, huge selection of colorful treats, beautiful ornaments and mulled wine. The biggest and the most beautiful market is on Alexander Platz. There I felt this magic christmas spirit first time this year.

I bought a wooden (and not only) christmas tree ornaments.

Mandatory point of the program for a crazy cat lady was going to a cat cafe. But I’m disappointed of this visit. We were the first clients of this cafe in that day.
There are 4 cats living in this place, one of them was hiding in ‘no guests room’, so we haven’t seen him, two of them came to us immediately to say “hello” and the last one was sitting majestically on the radiator.

We pet those 2, which wanted to spend their time with us, I decided to pet a cat, which was heating near the window and I was scared! It was pedigree cat with very long fur and huge tangle on his back. What can I say? Tangle like this can’t appear in 1 night, it’s 5-8 months of neglect. Someone should cut off it immediately. The same cat was dirty and he had sticked fur with few days cat food on the paws and neck…
Ok, I know that none cat shouldn’t been washed if it’s not necessary, but please… when you have cat with long fur you have to take care about him different than short fur cat. These cats need to be combed and wiped with a damp cloth even every day!
Ok, I would understand that he’s dirty if I would come after all day when the cafe is open, maybe the don’t have enough time to do it when there are people… but mercy - we came there just for the opening!!

Before the first half hour we were the only guests of this cafe. Cats were walking between window and us. Sometimes they hugged to us, one of them wanted to sit on my husband’s laps. He also sit on the table for a while and returned to playing with his cat friend.

And then they came…. some german couple of “animal lovers” with their gadget phones!
Cats were of course blinded with a the flash lamp and kill them with kindness… This couple was catching cats, put on their laps, didn’t let them go and tried to pet them. And of course photo session at the same time...
Cat’s were running away, hiding under the tables, jumped at the highest shelves - but it didn’t discourage them.
One of the cat decided to hide to “no guests room”, the rest 2 were still in the cafe and this couple were still touching, petting and hugging them. At least they also decided to join to their friends so after 30 minutes since this couple came there was a cat cafe without any cats.

Well… they were just stupid people, but where was a staff this time? It’s really cool, that there are some rules in this cafe, but why no one enforces it?
I think some day we’ll return to Berlin, but I’m pretty sure that it was our last time in this cat cafe. In Berlin is also second one cat cafe, maybe it looks better there… I hope so...

Well… I have to go now, because we have to finish everything for tomorrow. So again: best wishes to you all!

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