Holidays by the Thames river

Our London holidays was real rest. I relaxed mentally and broke away from duties. We flied to UK without Maja (she stayed in Warsaw with her granny).
I think the institution called ‘grandma’ is the best and I can’t imagine how mothers can function without it. I really admire mothers, who raise their kids alone...

It was first time (for a year) when we could wake up at 9 am, go for a walk after nightfall, for spontaneous ideas and visiting every interesting place at our own pace.
It was our second time in capital of GB, we were able to see much more than the last time. We visited those places, which we couldn’t go the first time.

We visited again the British Museum and Natural History Museum again. We wanted to see the parts of exhibition we skipped last time and what changed. These 2 museums are the best in London, I think everyone who goes to London there should visit them. I liked this second one the most, so I’ll probably visit it next time when I’ll be in London.

What else is worth to see? In my opinion Tate Modern is nice. Actually I’m not a fan of modern art, probably I don’t know enough about it, but these contortions aren’t art for me ;)
However going there is nice experience. There is nice observation deck on the 10th floor, but I really feel sorry of people living in the building next to Tate Modern, because I was able to see almost all apartments from the viewing tower.

If I’m talking about observation decks - for devotees of beautiful panoramas I can also recommend Sky Garden. It’s 35th floor building, where on the top there is organised garden. People can sit there and drink bad coffee or eat not very tasty dinner. And of course look at the London panorama. Going up is free, but still you have to book a ticket for specific time, because there are a lot of takers.

We also had to go by the traditional red double decker bus and Emirates Cable Car (it was an unforgettable experience).

London is famous for shopping. The main street - Oxford Street is crowded all the time; there is a lot of shops, boutiques, expensive jewelry stores and really low quality souvenir stalls.

It’s impossible to find there anything unique and interesting. If you’re looking for something really cool you should visit one of the London market. The most atypical is Camden Market - there you can buy for example unique clothes, jewelry, anics, limited edition of CD, some vinyls and much more things. There are also shops with more popular stuff - I bought there colorful trainers (converse are very popular in GB).

The second market which I liked was this one in Greenwich district. It’s located in the gate between 3 buildings. It’s much more smaller than Camden, but it has its charm. There are also a lot of things for kids.
When you’re visiting a Greenwich you could also go to the observatory ;) We were there last time, when we visited London, so we skipped this place this time.
But the most interesting stores were closer to the center of London in Soho district. There was almost everything there - beads shops, board games, paper craft shops, colorful to the limit shoes (e.g. these on the photo - my friend told me, that they would be great to kick somebody’s ass), will-be-usefull items and knick-knacks. There are also a lot of nice cafes, pubs and restaurants of each kind (chinese, thai, japanese, french and also american food). A lot of them are really good. I think it’s worth to go to Soho even if you don’t want to buy anything special, it’s nice to feel this hipster atmosphere of not touristic London; the atmosphere, which you won’t feel anywhere else in London.

Nice attraction in London is boat riding on the Thames river. The cheapest and in my opinion the best way is using a water tram (you can pay by Oyster Card). You can stay there as long as you want - you can exit from the boat in convenient location and continue your London tour.

Going to the m&m’s world is the fulfillment of my dreams from childhood. It was a store with 3 walls full of colorful m&m’s candies. I would eat it handy… I’m trying to eat healthy, so I bought one bag of m&m’s, I’ll probably eat it for the next few years ;)

Mandatory point of the program (for me) was visiting Lady Dinah’s Cat Emporium. It’s wonderful and climatic cat cafe. Cats are cute but lazy ;) They didn’t want to play with anybody, they were just lying on the shelfs and cat beds. But it was still really nice to drink hot chocolate in their company :)

I always meet cats - wherever I go - holidays, business trip - there have to be a frisky there :)
It was the same this time - this cute lady I met on the one of the London streets. She wasn’t afraid of me, she came and asked to pet her. Someone take care of her - feed her, but doesn’t satisfy her emotional needs. I really regret, because if I would have more time I would organise her moving to Warsaw. I would find her a temporary home, where she would have someone to love. It’s the hardest to me in every abroad trip - I have to leave these all cats there where they are living. They deserve for better life. They should be pampered and get asleep on the pillow with their human. And instead of this they have a street… Sometimes someone feed them… But they have no name, and nobody cares about their past and future...

Since I was in London first time it changed a little bit. There is more muslims and…. more polish immigrants commonly called ‘jars’ by polish people (because they usually bring a lot of homemade food in jars).
I had questionable pleasure to book a hotel in ‘polish district’. Nearby the underground station there was a little square, and there we met a drunk Poles, who were sitting on the bench and listening polish disco polo on 5 pounds boombox and drinking popular polish beer ‘Żywiec’ - they bought it in the liquor store called “Polski sklep” (polish shop). They were swearing a lot and grumbling for whole world and more life topics.
In the underground we met polish mane ‘the big boss’ who came to London to work here. He bawled out (talking by the phone) as loud as everyone could hear what is he talking about. He tried to come as uninvited guest to drink a beer or a vodka. He propose, that he’ll bring delicious pickled cucumbers made by his wife - Halinka. He didn’t understand how it’s possible that Baśka doesn’t agree for that, because she’s going to work next day… After long discussion he decided to come, because he wants to. And if Baśka doesn’t want him, she can leave home. I was ashamed to even speak in polish, because I didn’t want Englishmen to know, that we’re from the same country.

It wasn’t better in the plane… we were flying with some adult chav (let's call him Seba) with his Krystyna. He put his luggage so fast and hard, that people’s luggage few rows before us just fall down. He crashed our luggage by hand to push his own. We asked him to make it gently, because we have water in bag, but he only muttered that it’s not his business.
Well, this water was at the front of our bag in thin mesh, so he would wet his own luggage more. I explained it for him smiling ;) What was the reaction?
Woow… For a half flight he was talking (probably to himself, I’m not sure), about us… He called us ‘jars’, he was talking to co-passengers that we’re taking a cucumber soup (it’s quite popular soup in Poland) and we’re trying to scare him with staining his clothes with this soup… he was also joking, that we should also take a potatoes from Poland… well… people were laughing of him and Krystyna was burning with shame...

And those people represent us in UK… They give us feedback… That’s why I’m not surprised, that people from England don’t want us there; I know now why they want to leave European Union...
It looks like this: some jar Pole goes to the pub, he wipes out that he can’t even walk and he want a piece of local people. And next he’s shocked that get kicked on the ass… I would do the same if I were local people.

Well… London is really beautiful and climatic city, but I think I won’t go there in nearest future. Maybe when something will change there, maybe when there won’t be so much boors, maybe people will start to look through a little different prism...

But I still liked our holidays. We missed Maja and cats. Next year we’re going to pick some warmer place for our holidays and who knows, maybe it’ll be also trip without Maja; just only for us?

And for the end I’m going to share with you our movie - London in a nutshell :) Take care!

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