Creatively with a holiday mood

It’s such a beautiful weather, it favors to think about trips. I have holidays in my head and I fell adventure in my heart!

Our preliminary March plans have changed. We won’t have USA trip, but maybe we’ll think about going somewhere in second half of the year. For now my husband is flying to San Diego in April, but fortunately it’s just few days.
I envy him, because I love traveling and I would like to fly and go wherever I can. The world is mine; I feel that I can do everything I want.
Yes, sometimes I’m afraid of new, but I also know, that when I overcome a fear I never regret. My life is sad, miserable and incomplete without traveling. It’s strange, but when I’m not traveling at the moment I’m thinking and planning another one trip. And next I count days to go.
I want Maja be older, I can’t wait for this moment,, when she’ll also enjoy with visiting new places. For now she doesn’t care where she is ;)

I booked a room for trip with my mum. We decided to go to Bieszczady Mountains for a week. We’re departing at the beginning of August.
I have been in Bieszczady some time ago (when I was a kid), but truly I don’t remember a lot. I have only some flashes in my memory.
I didn’t like mountains some time ago, I started to like it just maybe 4 years ago. When I was a kid I had a condition and I didn’t like long walking.
And now I can appreciate mountains - the charming view is worth to get tired. Bieszczady are extensively terrains, there is a lot of routes to go (they are quite long)... I can’t wait to go :)

And this weekend we’re going to Cracow. It’s spontaneous trip, actually we’re going there to show our Asian friend a piece of Poland. In Adam’s office there is a person from Taiwan - he has a business trip, but showed a desire to explore - he didn’t have to repeat us twice ;)
So we’re making express trip and finally we’ll be able to visit a cat cafe! I dreamed about going there, but there was no occasion to go to Cracow.
What’s funny - we also have a cat cafe in Warsaw, and we still didn’t have enough time to visit it. But I think it’s typical - when you have something close to home you just postpone it afterwards.

Now when my tattoo finally healed I could return to gym. I have workouts every other day, but I hope that I’ll be exercising every day. I can’t make it now, cause it would be to hard for my heart. I also would like to return to swimming, I love it :)

I wanted also to ‘try myself’ and make some detox, so I started to using vegan diet for a week. I have to admit, that it was hard to me. I like meat, I love dairy products (I eat 1-2 yoghurts each one day) and I couldn’t live without a honey!
This one week I ate only vegan and also healthy food (cause vegan isn’t always healthy). Vegetables digest very fast, my body isn’t used to to, so I was hungry all the time.
This week I lost 1 kg (but it was one of the hardest kilograms of my resolution to get to 65 kg) and also it was first time when I was starving for a year.
Of course it was tasty food, so some of the recipes I’m leaving for future and I still follow some plant based blogs (cause there are sometimes some nice recipes for lunches). I don’t condemn vegans, because of their choice, I also don’t think that they’re strange (like most people do). This diet is not for me, just it ;)

On my instagram account I shared photos of our vegan meas. If you’re interested I can send you some recipes ;)

I’ll switch to another topic - my art spirit is in very good condition now.
Almost everyday I have a time for DIY.
I learned about really nice technique of making charming pendants - shrinky dinks - it’s drawing on the shrinky plastic.
I want to cover my pendants with a varnish/resin to make it stronger. But you can also use it without cover - just after thermal treatment.
I won’t share with you one tutorial, because there is no ‘one the best’ - there is a lot of “how to” on youtube, you have to just type ‘shrinky dinks’ and you’ll find it. I watched few movies and I knew everything what I had to start making.
I also made one ring with shrinky plastic. If you decide for this you should read this: CLICK :) My pendants of course will be available on the Koteria charity auction.

I also returned to crocheting. It took me long to start again, but I just saw these floral gloves and I have to make it! I’ll show you how it came out when I finish. I made a gloves once, but it was too short and too much openwork - it didn’t warm me in cold days.
So now I’m making less openwork no-fingers gloves - for the early spring :)

My little girl learn new skills each one day and she is more and more cunning. She can walk slowly and she started to try to go upstairs. And she’s watching carefully how big cats can go and she’s also trying to imitate them ;) She moves a boxes, which she uses to climb on to reach higher…
This holidays we’re going to buy her a balance bike - we would like to choose this wooden one, because it’s better quality. We also want to have regulated high, because we want Maja use it more than half a year ;)
She’s sociable and nice now. She has freak ideas and she likes crayons now. She can’t colour perfectly, she’s just scribbling something without any sense ;)

She also loves to pet and hug cats. Purka doesn’t like it, but there are some moments, when she doesn’t run away. Amaya always comes, when we have time for reading - Maja is listening a stories for a while and Amaya purrs loudly. These moments are calm, joyful and full of love. I feel more family than in more than one Christmas.

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