Short Cracow trip

This trip was quick, but I rest mentally. We made a long walks and we visited cat cafe - this all gave mi so much positive power!

We showed our Taiwanese friend main interesting touristic places in Cracow. He liked the most visiting Wawel and legend about Wawel dragon. He also loved men in folk costumes staying in Florian Gate and plying on the accordion some old polish songs.

Obviously, we showed him also a Jewish district, there we ate the best ice creams in the whole city (Good Lord) and we went to a Józef Street - there are a lot of nice shops with unique items (the most of them are handmade).

I wouldn’t be myself if wouldn’t buy any cat ;) I bought handmade pendant (in Jewish district) and 2 wonderful toys in Bukowski Gallery :)

Every time when I’m buying plush toys I’m telling that it’s for Maja. And next, I realize, that buying for Maja is just an excuse to buying cute toys for myself ;)
The second day we went to Zakrzówek lake - we wanted to show him some nature place. The weather was nice this day, so there was a lot of people up. We made wonderful pictures.
I think there must be charming in summer… :)

Visiting the cat cafe was the best decision! Surely I’ll return there one day. All cats are so adorable!

What I like the most - this cafe has some rules and here is always someone who watch over it. When we were there we saw some mums with little kids, and they didn’t care what kids are doing this time. Kids are very positive, they love pets so much, but they’re not delicate. And that’s why it is so important to take care of cats in a place like this.
What about cats - I haven’t seen them all, because some of them were in the place, where is no entry for guests, but few cats were all the time somewhere between the tables and sitting on the windowsills.

I liked the oldest cat the most - Kukuś. When I sat on the sofa he immediately jumped on my laps and slept until we left cat cafe. All this time he purred lightly.

Kukuś is sickly thin, but he has beautiful shiny fur and he is quite sociable. If I wouldn’t have 3 cats I would probably think about adopting him. This cafe isn’t good place for him, I think he would prefer more peaceful place. But still living in the cafe is better than the animal shelter (which from he came here).

Actually I like this idea to take cats to the cafe and let people adopt them if they fall in love with some of them. It’s perfect solution if you want to get know the cat before you take him.

If I’m not wrong it’s the same idea in Warsaw. I still haven’t been there. I have to visit Warsaw cat cafe too :)

What about traveling with Tony - except Cracow we made some walks in Warsaw. We were meeting with him mostly in the evening and I think we showed him almost all interesting places. He was satisfied, even if we’re not perfect guides. But we know something about our city, so we could tell him some curiosities.

We also made him ‘farewal box’ - we bought some traditional polish products - beetroot with horseradish, oscypek (sheep cheese), Wedel chocolate, Milanówek fudge, gingerbread made in Toruń and some more sweets which we like.
He also promised, that if we come to Taiwan one day, he’ll show us Taipei and whole island and some cat places ;) I can’t wait to go there :)

Now we have lazy weekend. We spend a time on the playground with Maja, she likes to go there.

And I also have some time for crocheting - still for myself. II finished my gloves and I started making a skirt.

I’m in a standstill with the items for the charity auction, cause I’m not sure if I didn’t make too much of them. And I would like to make also some friendship bracelet for sale. I’m still waiting for a delivery of resin, then I’ll be able to finish up my shrinky dinks pendants.
And I’m living just from one day to another waiting for another adventure.
 Coding, Maja, some time for myself at the evening - movie, DIY, playing with cats, book… and also counting for a next trip ;)

I felt really good after I returned to the gym. I’m there 3 times per week and I’m still adding new exercises. The coach is making for me some exercises sets to make my stomach and legs muscles stronger. I see the difference after first 2 weeks - I have a higher load than at the beginning, the day after I go to a gym I don’t feel any discomfort, I can make more kilometers than before.
On Monday I’m going to start preparation for hiking, I was talking about going on the top of Poland - Rysy with my coach. He told, that it’s possible and promised to help me with training when I’ll decide that I’m going there. It’s the best to start training a half year before I’m planning to go. I’m not planning it yet, maybe next year we’ll make it. But my dream is real! I know, that one day I’ll reach it.
I have only one life and when I realized how fragile t is I promised myself to make all my dreams come true.

I help cats, I learn new skills, I made a tattoo, I want to reach mountains, travel the world, try new flavors; I want to laugh very loud and be happy all the time.
Each one day makes me closer to fulfill my dreams, which are at my fingertips.

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