Easy-going June

I owe you this post for a few days, I was procrastinating, because I’m busy all the time. You’re asking me about Nutka. So let's start from the beginning...

Nutka came to me at the beginning of May, and believe me, it was a huge coincidence. I don’t know if you remember, but I wrote in the past, that I wanted to be a temporary home for some cat and I found a cat, which I could take that time. But the charity organization, which took care of her refused me; they preferred to let her live on the street (specifically in the place, where she was found) instead of living in my home.
There was a fine detail - she was taken from private property, the owners of this place didn’t want her. So she was taken from charity organization by these people, and she was dumped in a forest far away from people.

I have no idea how the miracle happened, but she was found by someone in this forest. Nutka was taken by a woman, who has wonderful and pure heart, but she has a lot of rescued cats at home, so it was hard for her to take another one.
After a short inspection, she learned, that the cat has a special marking typical to two Warsaw’s charity organizations - incision of the ear (sterilized cats are marked, because if they’ll be caught again in the future no one will make a surgery again).
And she started to look for her on the charities fan page, as she wanted to make sure, that she wasn’t adopted and she didn’t run away from home.

She found her on one of Facebook photos. She also read my comment below this photo, I wrote there, that I can still take her if the charity organization will change their mind.

And that’s how she came to me (power of social media).
I made her veterinary tests, dewormed and I fall in love with her.
I started to call her Nutka. She wasn’t aggressive, she bit me slightly few times, but she was really scared after it happened. She looked like she was expecting me to hit her. Poor kitty, she surely had home in the past, after she arrived at my home she perfectly used a scratching mat, she didn’t jump on the table and kitchen tabletop - it looks like she was trained in the past.

Nutka stayed in my home the whole May, she moved to her own home exactly on International Kids Day :)
She would probably stay with us forever, because she was really cute, sociable and very joyous cat; she loved to play with everything - every single thing she found at home - clothes clips, clamping band or candy papers!
But I learned, that she’s typical “single child” cat - she’s afraid of other cats, so she hates them. The socialization was made correctly (we saw a little progress for a while, but it back away in 1-2 days). We also had a behaviorist consultation - she was watching cats more than 3 hours and we both decided, that it’s better for everyone to let her live without any cats.

Nutka wouldn’t be happy with us, and also my 3 cats wouldn’t be happy with her.
We found her a new home, she has a human for exclusivity there, she also has a good veterinary care, high-quality cat food and a lot of cat stuff.
I miss her so much, but simultaneously I’m happy because of her happiness.
She got a chance, the whole month when she was with us she had everything, which every cat in the world should have - love, a lot of food, soft pillow and hand, which can pet all the time. It’s better than wait for home on the street or forest.

I resent the charity organisation, which lied to me and show up with the hypocrisy. On a daily basis they promote the conscious adoptions and raising kids with cats.
They asked me about using my photos (with cats and baby and safe home for animals) very often. They shared it on their fan page when they need to!
And after all, I was treated like this…
They poured salt on the wound just a few days ago, when I asked them for full medical documentation and laboratory tests, because I wanted to send it to people, who adopted Nutka.
The charity organization’s volunteer said, that there were NO TESTS, even basic test, which is always made before narcosis (what a lack of responsibility!), they risked cat’s life and health, because it’s cheaper…
I trusted them, I supported them, I promoted helping them… Ant at the end I’m disappointed!

But after all my temporary cat is happy now and I’m happy because I trusted my intuition again.

June is going to be very positive and biking! The weather is great, I love to work outside!

We bought AeroPress and new coffee grinder, so I can finally make a good coffee at home :)

We also bought a lot of seedlings to plant on our loggia, we didn’t forget about cats of course! We want to make our loggia green and relaxing place. I love to code there and also spend my free time.

At the end of the month we’re going to take a driving license course. We finally booked it, we were thinking about it for a long time, there are some moments, when we would like to use it! And also we plan a long trip for next year, we’ll have to rent a car that time :)
Well… I’m thinking about next summer holidays, even when I have 3 trips before me this year!
Haha! I think traveling can addict! :)


  1. Hello, and thanks for stopping by my blog! Nutka was so lucky to have you, and now her forever home. Things work out sometimes. I too had a poor experience with a rescue that I gave time and energy too, only to have them shut the door on me. So strange! Have fun in your garden!

  2. Thank you for visiting my blog. I really enjoyed reading this post and seeing all your pictures. Nutka is so pretty. You are so good to take care of her while she was waiting for own home. The charity organization does not sound good and it's sad that they wanted to her be outside. That would be so dangerous! I'm so glad she now has a good home. Your garden is so lovely. Your kitties are lucky!

  3. Nice to meet you! And so nice to meet Nutka - so glad you gave her a place that was not outdoors!

  4. What a story Nutka has! and how fortunate the person that found her in the woods took the time to track you down. I am so sorry that shelter failed.

    Thank you for sharing Nutka's story.

  5. Nutka is lucky that you opened your heart and home to her. It's wonderful that you helped find the home that was best for her, where she could be the only kitty.