Let’s jump into May Day time!

I was going to write just before Easter, but I had a lot of things to do all the time; I also had some problems… and as a result I didn’t write for the whole April.

This note will be long, mainly because of a lot of photos. I made so much great pics (in my opinion) , that I couldn’t decide which to share with you. So, I’m going to share all of them :)

Easter time was very calm, I was surprised because Maja loves to run around the house; she’s almost everywhere! But now she spent most of the time with her cousin - Julia.
Julia has sister in the same age like Maja, so she knew how to talk with my daughter ;)

Well, maybe it’s good time to think about a sibling for Maja, maybe they’ll spend the time together and I’ll have more time for myself (haha!) :)

Our May Day time is after May Day this year ;)
When we checked tickets prices, a lot of hotels were booked fully and we had deadlines at work, so we decided, that it’s a better idea to go after 3rd May - when most of people will be going back.
We organized a short trip to Edinburgh. We’re going to meet our friend from Hong Kong (she has an internship in the UK). We also would like to make one day trip to Glasgow.

We have already checked some interesting places in both these cities, but if you were there and you can recommend some nice places, good restaurants or something for crazy cat lady just write it in a comment! ;) My ‘to do’ list isn’t closed yet ;)

We’re giving up on visiting the cat cafe in Edinburgh because the paying £15 just for entry is a bit off putting for us.I would understand it (and also support it) if the cat’s in this cafe would be rescued. But all of them are pedigree (bought from the cat breeding)... It doesn’t fit into the idea of cat cafe; in my opinion places like this should take poor cats from shelters to give them a chance to be loved, petted and happy, to provide better living than they had before.

These 3 days we’re going to spend without Maja, she still doesn’t like to travel. That’s why she’s going to stay in Warsaw with my mom. The peak of happiness for her is to have regular day plan and spend a lot of the time outside. She loves to walk, sometimes we’re not taking a stroller when we go for a walk somewhere close to home.

Now, when Spring definitely came to us I also prefer to spend my time outside, I love to sit on the loggia (I avoid going outside in winter time).
Cats also enjoy the weather, they could sit on the loggia whole day ;) When it’s a rainy day sometimes, they sit on the windowsill waiting for the sun.

I don’t remember if I mentioned it earlier, but last Amaya’s TLI test was good enough to try to stop taking Amylactiv. After one month break, we’re going to repeat the TLI test and we’ll see. It’s possible, that we’ll still have to give her medicine, but I’m not sure if in the same dose. I was talking with our vet, she thinks that we’ll be able to stop using medicine sometime, maybe now, maybe later, but it’s possible.

I’m worried about Misio - a few months ago he started to have shortness of breath. It was just once for a month to 2 months and it looked like he inhaled dust. But last time such attacks have occurred more frequently, sometimes 2-3 times per day. Sometimes it sounds like ‘barking’. We made some tests, but they showed nothing. Our vet thinks that it could be asthma :( Misio got steroid medicine for now because we don’t want to begin diagnosis with bronchoscopy. It requires anesthesia and we want to avoid it because it weakens the heart. He’s not very young…
I’m really afraid of him, I don’t want to lose him :(
 Now we’re waiting how the medicine will work and when the symptoms will return.

Fortunately, Purka is in good shape, but she still needs to loose her weight. I don’t know how to begin because cats eat regularly and they have a specific portion (adapted to the weight and age). Actually, Purka eats less than she should, because sometimes she’s not interested in eating dry cat food...

I was going to start making BARF food for them, but I still have to wait. I can’t make too many changes in the same moment. Amaya is trying to stop taking the medicine, Misio is stressed because of a lot of tests… All my cats have a tendency for crystals formation in the urine, so when I’ll change their food I’ll have to make urine tests more often than usually. It’s possible that I’ll also have to increase the dose of cranberry dietary supplements.
I think that at the beginning I won’t be able to stop feeding them with the crispy food, but I really want to make it some time.
Everything moves in time, June would be the best for making this, because it’s the only one month till the end of September when we’re not going to travel. I would use a whole month to control if everything goes right.

I was also thinking about being a temporary home for a poor cat. I planned it for the September/October, but I found a cat earlier. Well… I wrote to a charity organization, I proposed them that I can help, but they didn’t agree because I have a baby.
In the notice, they wrote, that it’s friendly cat lady and she loves other cats. When I was talking with them, they told me, that she’s aggressive and she bites very hard (I think I can understand it, she was in the veterinary cage after castration, she could be stressed).
And that way they took her where they found her instead of giving her a chance to be loved…
I resent that the charity organization forced her to live on the street, when this cat could be happy here with us…
Now I stopped thinking about being a temporary home, I have to stop feeling sorry about this situation first...

March charity auction for Koteria has finished for now. I’m not sure if they close the facebook event, but I’m sure that I won’t add anything for now. I don’t have enough time to make and control auctions, payments, and delivery. I have 2 trips planned for May, I want to focus on them now.
I’m still making items for September/October charity auction.

My art spirit is in good shape now. I’m making friendship bracelets at this moment. I’ll share some photos with you when I finish them all.

I also finished my crochet skirt. I’m really proud of it! It took a long time to make, but it was worth it :)

And also I started writing snail mails. I red about this on some blog and I decided to try.
And it’s a lot of fun, I love to make some craft paper things!
I found the most of my penpals on Reddit; I’m writing mainly write the people from UK and USA. I didn’t want to have polish penpals, I prefer to share letters with people of different culture and customs. It’s more interesting for me.

I should also mention about my plans to make a driving license (finally!). I want to start a course in June or July - we’ll see. I regret that I didn’t think about it earlier because now I have full planned May...

For now, I decided to stop going to the gym. For the nearest few months, we’ll travel a lot, so I would waste a half of pass. Ok, I could pay for single entry, but if I would like to come even 2 weeks (3 times per week as before) it would be the same cost like full month pass. It’s not profitable for me, so now I choose the bike :)

And at the end I share with you more photos of my cute cats :)

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