hello adventure!

I should probably begin with our Edinburgh trip. I really liked it!
Edinburgh is a quite small Scottish city, so we were able to see everything in less than two days. And we finally met our Hong Kong friend - Denise. Last time we saw each other 3 years ago.
And now, when she has an internship in GB so we could meet in one city. We saw all touristic places and we had the opportunity to taste Scottish meals and beers. I didn’t like haggis, but I’m not surprised because I also don’t like polish blood sausage - it’s almost the same.
But I really liked fish - Edinburgh is a port town, so they have fresh fish and seafood almost whole year.
We also made one day trip to Glasgow, we also visited main touristic places, but we wanted to chill out with no rush more.

I really love to travel, learn customs and culture of local people.
It was an interesting experience to talk with Scots, because of their accent. At the beginning, it was hard to understand them, but after a while, when I got used to it and I understood almost everything. I’m surprised a little bit because I thought that my English is really bad, meanwhile, I understood the most of tour guide’s speech, when we were on the bus sightseeing tour.

I was shocked about one thing in Edinburgh and Glasgow inhabitants - they all believe, that it’s summer!
During our trip the temperatures in both cities were around 12-16 Celsius degrees (in Glasgow not as windy as in Edinburgh, because of the distance to the ocean) - local people were wearing T-shirts or tops and shorts! I probably looked strange in a blouse, jacket, hat and a scarf.
When we went on the beach kids were wearing only a panties; people were taking a sunbath and swimming in the ocean… I have no idea how they’re not sick all the time :)

The local people are mostly kind and helpful. I also met some nationals - they were really positive - in contrast to stereotypical Pole :)

And of course, I met a cat - as always when I go somewhere. This one is living in Edinburgh. He liked so much petting and after a while, he touched my nose with his nose.
I’m pretty sure that he’s not homeless, he had shiny fur and a little bit of fat on his stomach ;)

To sum up - we had really great time in Scotland.

When we arrived home our cats were very happy, they accompanied us on supper time and slept with us the whole night.

I still didn’t feel at home after we returned, and now I’m preparing to another one trip.
We’re flying to Portugal and Spain this Monday. We’re going to spend 6 days abroad, we plan to visit two hottest capitals in Europe - Lisbon, and Madrid :)

And at the end, I would like to introduce you Nutka. She’s with us till Monday.
I’ll write more about her next time because we still getting know each other ;)
I’m sorry about really weak photos, you have to wait for better one because it’s hard to make a good picture in the toilet without sunlight!

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