After holidays

Our holidays by the Baltic sea was lazy and relaxing. It was so “slow” for me, that I wanted to do something exciting. Everyday we were walking on the waterside, we saw the sunset once, we ate a lot of waffles and we fed the seagulls.

The weather wasn’t a nuisance, 22 Celsius degrees (salvation for me). Returning to Warsaw was a thermal shock for me! Within one night my legs swelled and looked like balloons... But let’s go back to the trip relation - cold water, spotty weather, but these didn’t discourage the people. The beach was so full of people, that we had even problem with walking between the windbreaks. Poles are really strange - everyone has to make “large fenced plot” for himself. Sometimes they used 4 windbreak (8 metres long each one), and inside it they had maybe 2 blankts and a lot of free space… I sympathized with kids, who came with parents to chill, make a sand castles and play beach volleyball and they didn’t have enough space to do this. When someone was passing near a blanket and accidently spilled a little bit of sand, the blanket owner made a huge fuss... The owners of enormous inflatable castle was also brawling at people. How we even dare to put our blanket 5 metres of their ridiculously colorful item??!! They tried to force us to move somewhere; I asked them if it’s their private beach and proposed them to call the police if they have some problems with life :) What do you think: would they get a ticket because of unreasonable call or the police would pooh-pooh them? I’m really curious of that :) The next day when we went to the beach we were rolling on the floor laughing, because we saw, that they made a grid fence around this castle... When we had rainy days and all those people were herded in restaurants, we were running away from the city. We were able to go to Szczecin and three-city. It was hard for me to wake up very early, but it was more interesting to go somewhere else. Our photo session in Słowiński National Park is very nicely done! The photographer is professional, so photos are wonderful and these will allow us to keep this lovely moment.
In conclusion - it was really nice trip, as everywhere I met some cats :) I think in the near future I won’t be able to go anywhere, but I’m sure that one day I’ll return to my favourite national park.
When we came back - of course - our cats was very happy! They stayed this 2 weeks with my mum. They missed us and they wanted to pet and hug them. My mum couldn’t devote them as much time as they need. I watched them sometimes, because I left switched on webcam at home. It was easier for me to bear a separation. But I still missed them, I even missed to waking me up at 3am to purr on my pillow. It was terrible lonesome around without them. I think I don’t like to leave my home for long time because of this. Next time we’ll probably go for less time. My art spirit is returning to me! I bought a few fabrics to sew something for Maja (yes, we have chosen the name for our daughter!), blankets and maybe a teddy bear :) Probably I’ll also make a few masCATs for a charity auction (for cats of course). It depends how I’m going to feel. I’ll show you all my handmade items, for now I’m waiting for a lot of parcels! :)

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