Coffee thoughts and cat lying on my laps

Days are going by one by one. Time is running away very fast, sometimes I feel like it leaks between my fingers like water. Just one month and it will be end of winter. I can’t wait for this, I’m sick of this depressing winter mood.
I’m surrounded by the deep melancholy ocean - everyone is complaining about everything, people can’t enjoy the life. I hear it in every corner! I slowly give in to such thoughts..

Fortunately I passed all exams. Studying is annoying, but now, when I can see the end I have more strength and motivation to work. I can rate this semester for A+. I can also divide subjects for two categories: first one are interesting and useful and second one are useless but easy to pass. These are charms of individual study course (ISC) - I can make a plan myself. It is approved by my ISC guardian and the next by deputy dean. So in retrospect - it’s positive, that some subjects overlapped, because that’s the only reason why I could apply for ISC. Now I can focus only on my master thesis, because the next semester (if I’m right) will contain only one subject and diploma seminar. I have the impression, that second degree is somehow easier than first. Maybe I feel that, because I changed university; but I believe that in master degree lecturers are aware of fact, that people who are still studying want to achieve something. For me studying is like extension of childhood. It delays adulthood. Although that I’m trying to work, I keep up without my mums help, but deep in my heart I still feel, that adulthood didn’t come. Nowadays studying means nothing - master degree it’s just a paper. Everyone can get it without any problems. Without any doubt - I’m not telling, that private universities don’t teach. I think, if someone wants to learn something and desires to be a specialist in his field, he’ll get the knowledge no matter which university will choose (private or public). Everywhere are ambitious people, and also everywhere are lazy people. Everyone will be verified by life. Ignorants and not enough educated people will not reach the heights of their profession. I really don’t care about their lack of success, but I can’t reconcile, that those people can harm others. Try to imagine not enough educated doctor/surgeon or even vet. I don’t want to describe my case now, but you have to know, that one of my cat suffered because of dunce vet. At the appropriate time I’ll tell you everything what happened to us, but I want wait until she’ll feel better.

I am happy now, thanks to few advices and my stubbornness she’s getting better each day and I feel calm when I look at her healing process.

 (Purka and Amaya)

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