Life is too short and fragile, to leave making dreams come true for later.
I had to grow to make it 2 years, but in this case, it’s ok, cause I had to be sure, that I really want it. Now, when it’s behind me I can tell you about it - I made my first tattoo!

It’s quite small but very important for me. It’s a Purka’s drawing. Now every time, when I look at my hand I'll remember that without her I wouldn't be who I am now, and I wouldn't achieve what I have.

I made my tattoo in one of the best tattoo studios in Warsaw, it all took less than 4 hours. First tattoo artist (also a cat lover) designed a drawing, next he copied it on my arm with a tracing paper (which I was allergic to… but fortunately it didn’t bother to make a tattoo), and tattooing!

Contrary to all opinion - it doesn’t hurt to make a tattoo in this place. That what I felt I can compare to scratching by the cat - little disturbing, nothing more. Contour and fill - there is nothing to be afraid of :) I always panic, I have also low pain resistance, so I was sure, that I’ll scream all 2 hours (that's the only tattooing time - without designing, preparing etc).
Maybe it wasn’t so bad, cause I was waiting for this indescribable pain all the time ;)

When my tattoo was finished, tattoo artist wraps my arm in food foil to avoid infecting. Next 3 days I had to wash it with an antibacterial soap and lubricate with ‘Bepanten’ every 3-4 hours. My arm was still in the food foil after washing.

After these 3 days, plasma and ink stopped to flow out so I could take off the food foil (uff… it was the worst thing about making the tattoo because I’m allergic to medical sticky tape, which I had to use to paste it all to my arm).
When my tattoo wasn’t covered it started to heal well. Next day saw little epidermis “scales” and I felt itchy. It was like this for 2 days.
Now my Purka tattoo looks great! Actually, I got used to it so much, that feel like it was always be on my arm.
Colors are clear and nice (when it was in healing process they mixed, blurred and were pale.
I still wash my tattoo with the antibacterial soap and use ‘Bepanten’, my skin is very dry, but it’s less sensitive. I’m going to return to swimming for 2-3 weeks :)
That’s how my tattoo looks like!

My friend’s reactions were different. Some congratulated me, others were delighted and others criticized. I also heard a question, if my ‘dirty arm’ won’t get bored, or if I’m sure, that it was a good idea. Some people told that it’s too big, that I'm crazy, few of them made a mischievous face and looked at me pityingly… But I don’t care.
This tattoo is only for me, I have to be happy with this. No one has to look at it if doesn’t like. It’s only my body.

I wrote in last note why did I decide for making it - little fall start, but it was an accident. Watching beautiful movie „A street cat named Bob” prompted me to memories. And it was just a thought, which I had to write about.

I also decided to read a book, which James Bowen wrote. It’s easy to read and also very touching. I read it one evening.
Actually it’s a lot of differences between book and movie, friendship thread is the same, but characters, events - it’s all changed and mixed. It’s worth to read this book, even if you saw a movie, at least to know, that Bob knew a lot of about cats (in the movie he was shown as a layman). And also it’s a pleasure to read those fragments about his feelings.

If I’m in cat topic - last week my all 3 cats had an inspection. Our vet made blood tests and dewormed them. They all got the hump, but we made blood tests quite a long time ago, so we had to repeat it. Both girls have elevated lymphocytes, so we have to control it and repeat tests after 3 months. I’m going to make also urine tests in few days, I have to only wait sometime after the vet visit, cause stress situation can fake results.
I’m still waiting for Amaya’s TLI test. Last ultrasound examination showed, that the pancreas is in better condition, but I don’t want to get too excited in advance. But I hope, that one day we’ll be able to stop taking Amylactiv Digest.
Cats feel good now, even if blood tests aren’t very good - they make mischief, hug and make a fuss while eating ;)

My mood is also quite ok. Mental once better once worse (but not as bad as 2-3 months ago); physically no problems for now.

I have a job, but still not too much to do (I have to wait some time to organize everything, make some plans and get more tasks), there is a lot of time to deadline, I feel no pressure.

I was able to lose weight, I weigh now 67 kg (it’s still 2 kg to my resolution). I still look judgmental for my stomach fold, but I’m happy because what I achieved. I feel much better now, I don’t look like a big whale ;)
I have normal BMI now, I eat clean and healthy food. I started to like milk smoothies, the most delicious is berries + banana + linseed + 2 cubes of dark chocolate + milk. Sometimes I use chia seeds instead of linseed. This breakfast makes me happy.
At the lunch, I like to eat a sandwich with some paste. We all like a paste. My favourite one is with peas and arugula or peas with mint. But there is a lot of ideas with nice ingredients e.g on ‘kwestia smaku’ website.

But there are also some negative things - I’m forgotten again. They don’t want to meet with me - they promise and keep quiet or make stupid excuses. It’s over my head… I don’t know what to even think about this. I really would prefer to hear, that they just want to break contact with me. It’s better than this ‘blah blah’...
And another one time I realize, that sincerity isn’t the strength of society. Yes, I understand that the weather doesn’t encourage for going outside, but they still have to go, cause they’re working in the office. Is it a really big problem to spend 2-3 hours more outside?
There is also not many interested in board games nights. We have a lot of games, but mainly we play just two of us, cause no one wants to join us.

But my art spirit is in great condition now, that’s very positive!

I made 3 notebooks more, I also sew 3 masCATs and 4 warm chimney scarfs for a charity auction. I also ordered beautiful green and pink yarn, because I want to make no fingers gloves for me. I still haven’t finished my cross stitch jing jang cat, but maybe I’ll make it this month. I have a lot of ideas and I don’t know which one should I pick first ;)

Valentine's day will be quite calm this year - we’re going to make a pizza and play board games. I won’t drink any alcohol, cause I have to wait a whole month after I made my tattoo. But we’re going to make a date one day after valentine's day when my mom will stay with Maja. Also, restaurants won’t be so crowded like in 14th of February :)

We started to make holidays plans. I can’t wait to make a trip.
It’s possible, that in March we’ll spend 2 weeks in San Francisco (but it’s nothing sure for now). In May we’re going to fly somewhere to the UK to meet our friend from Hong Kong (she has an internship there). We still don’t know which city we should choose, but we’ll talk about it soon. In July we have to go somewhere with Maja, cause daycare has a summer break. We think about Stolowe Mountains and maybe few days in Katowice city. We also would like to visit Skalní město (it’s a rock maze city). In August I want to go somewhere with my mom only - we still haven’t decided if we go by sea or mountains. I prefer this second option, but I have to talk with my mom first. I like walking, this improves my condition.
And in September we have a wonderful trip - only me and my husband - to Rome! We want to chill out and ‘recharge the batteries’ on the sunny beaches near the Rome.
It all sounds very intensively, but these trips are short - just a few days in each place. We want to make it as cheap as it’s possible.
Anyway - planning holidays is fun for me and makes me happy. I can’t wait for the adventure!
You know - I have only one life, I have to use it as much as it’s possible...

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