We started New Year with the rotavirus. We had “Game of Thrones - real history” for few days. I lost 1,5 kg in 3 days… 

Fortunately Maja didn’t feel very bad for long time. Actually - since we and my mum didn’t get it I was sure, that Maja has only indigestion. We haven’t been in doctor, because after one day she didn’t have any symptoms.

We spent New Year’s Eve at home - with Maja and cats. Maja got asleep quite early and she didn’t wake up even on fireworks show. We spent that evening for board games and coloring books. It was calmly and intimate, so I can’t complain. We made salmon in puff pastry and eggs stuffed with avocado paste. For dessert we made tiramisu :)

Cats wasn’t very stressed, because they saw us all the time, we didn’t react for fireworks (like it anything happened), so they knew, that it’s nothing to worry about. 
Amaya wanted to sit under the sofa for few minutes (when they started firework show), but later all cats were sitting with us on the table. They wanted to give them a salmon. 
It’s huge success, because her first New Year’s Eve (with us) she spend behind the radiator, the next one (it was year ago) somewhere deep in the wardrobe, and now she was with us almost all the time. It’s a progress to make her not fearful. I think time and sense of stability and love worked miracles!

At the beginning of January I made urine tests for all cats. Misio’s test is ok, Purka’s is quite good (alkaline pH, but without crystals), but Amaya’s test is bad - a lot of crystals and also alkaline pH. Purka has to get more Uropet paste and Amaya got some cranberry capsules We’ll see how it works after 6 weeks. 
It’s good, that I managed make test before she got first symptoms, fortunately she doesn’t have cystitis and nothing hurts.

Actually, I’m worried about tests. Every now and then she has worse tests - I don’t know what it depends on. I hardly think about BARF feeding, but I have no idea how could I make meals for the whole month because I have a really small freezer. And I don’t have enough time to cook for cats every other day. 
I wanted to try when we move to our own flat, then we’re going to buy a huge fridge and freestanding freezer. But I’m not sure when we will be able to buy a flat. In the most favorable prognosis, we’ll sign a notarial deed for 6 months, but we still have to count more time to finish it. And I think we won’t find it quickly, so also few months for looking for a flat. 
I think the better idea is to buy a flat in the primary market, so also we need to count another for or more months to build a block and get all permissions to use it. So actually 1,5 - 2 years before we will be able to move.
And a second problem is a fact, that Misio doesn’t like food from cans (it’s wet food). If he has a choice he’ll choose a crispy food (if he doesn’t he just refuse to eat). I know, that crispy food isn’t healthy (even if I choose the best one) and it shouldn’t be the basis of nutrition. But it, unfortunately, is for Misio, because takes 3 bites of can food and raw meat and he turns down. I tried almost all good quality cans, but it’s still the same...
I can’t buy bad quality cans because he has a really delicate stomach and all these “fast foods” (that’s the only way how I can call these cans) results with gastritis. 
And also my first cat - Pusia - almost passed away because of bad quality food (those time nobody told us, that it’s unhealthy). 
I know, that these bad cans has addictive substances, so cat’s want to eat them for years; pet’s owners don’t have to worry about fussy cat or dog. But the most important for me is my cat's health, so I don’t consider such a solution.
BARF is the option, which I have to think about, but the latest research are convincing me to try.

Let’s change the subject - Koteria likes my idea of charity auction (we’re going to make it before Christmas 2017). I started already to make some handmade items to sell. For now I have 2 cross-stitch cat pictures and I’m going to make another one - much more bigger than these first.

I also wanted to learn something new and I decided to make notebooks.
I printed pattern I like (I picked crosses and dots, cause square is too mainstream). Next I folded and sewed pages in blocks of 4 A4 pages. I also strengthened with a glue (I used “Magic” glue - it’s really great!), Next I added first and last page, made a cover with cotton fabric and rigid cardboard and the last step was to paste fill to the cover.

And it had to stay in press for 12 hours (as you can see - it’s very ‘professional’ press made of cutting boards and wood clamps!). I also wanted to secure corners with metal lamella ;)

That’s all was quite time-consuming, because I had to wait until the glue dry in each one step. But contrary to appearances - making a notebook is easy!
I used this tutorial: CLICK.
Everything is explained very clearly, so I can recommend ;)
The final result is just WOW! I made 2 notebooks so far, but I want to make 3 more. 
Maybe I’ll leave one for myself and 4 will go for sale.

I’m going to change the subject again. My birthday was really great this year. The weekend before we invited my family. Not everyone came, but it was still very nice. We were spending time with the cake and a tea. Maja dared to make 2 steps without any help! She didn’t even panic, when I stop holding her hand and Adam was waiting for her a dozen centimeters away :) 
I got a gift from my mum and grandma - Pandemic Legacy board game, I really love cooperative games, this one won’t bored me too fast, because it changes all the time (during you play and depending on how we’re going to play). 
And gift from my husband didn’t arrive on time, so I can’t share with you real picture. But that’s the pic from the online shop! :) What do you think?

And exactly in my birthday day we went with Adam to the cinema. We sam a movie "A street cat named Bob". I really really love it! And I barely recommend it! 
I think it’s the best movie which I have seen for few years. It really touched me - like any movie before. It shows how easily life can change, because of the love which pat gives to his friend (who rescued him). This movie is about a cat, but all animals (dogs, horses, hamsters or even a cows) can understand, feel and love human!
The whole movie shows a cute relationship of cat and a boy, on which family gives to up for lost. And this relationship is so pure, that tears just flow into your eyes.

It’s possible, that my reaction is so strong because almost 4 years ago I also experienced cat’s love and gratitude. And it continues to this day. 
It was a hard time for me, I had a lot of doubts I was broken because of the changes, which have taken place in my life. Suddenly I had to start all over again; everything which I was educating to, was just crossed out in one day. 
And one day I saw her. She was announced in some facebook post, nobody wanted to take her. She was a homeless and nameless cat, which was caught for sterilization surgery. And if no one would take her, she would return where they found her. And everyone would forget about her after few days or maybe even hours... 
Faded and frayed fur, sad and resigned eyesight… I give you my word - I haven’t known her, but she was important to me. 
I sent an email and after few days I took to home. Her own home. She got toys, her own pillow in my bed, good quality food and first of all - true love. And each one day she gave me strength and encouragement. Thanks to her I had overcome depression. I’m not the same person now. Without her, I’m not sure what would happen to me.

I started to support charity organization and take part in some auctions, now I’m preparing my own one… I adopted another two poor, homeless cats, which were forgotten by everyone. It’s all because of her. 
I got real friend that time. Of course I’m writing about Purka.

I can’t decide which cat I love the most. I think I love them all the same. But I know, that everything, which I achieved I have because of Purka.
Of course I’m not going to diminish my family help. They were always with me in difficult moments. But they couldn’t give a new lease of life, when I was down.

Honestly I’m very curious what are cats talking about. I would like to understand them. When they’re meowing they’re trying to tell something, repeatedly I know what they’re asking for, but it’s only because I know them and I can understand their body language. And I would like to understand each one word they say. 
All my cats are talking with themselves very often. I remember one situation (I was pregnant that time): Purka suddenly woke me up from my evening nap, she was scared and I was beady-eyed by her. Amaya spiked her fur and also meowed back. And again Purka meowed something to Amaya. I remember it so good, as it would be tomorrow and I’m curios what happened that time. I remember only that I had some bad dream (not a nightmare, but still nothing comfortable).
I offer a Nobel Prize for person, who invent cat language translator ;)

And I have to boast of something with you! First I completed my iOS course. Now I have a certificate of my knowledge :)

Secondly I finally got a job! It’s a half-year contract, what will be later - we will see. But I’m sure that this job open some door for me. Project is large enough and company quite known, so it’ll look good in my CV. It should be easier later :)

It’s not a Swift (iOS), but Java (Android), bot for now I feel, that I like this platform more (but I’m still learning). Since now I used pure Java (my master degree thesis), Android Java is new for me.

But maybe it’s not a bad choice. I’m trying to stay positive.
It’s still too little to tell, that I got my pink glasses, but now I feel, that it’s not unreal. 
Some time ago I red on some blog (but kill me - I won’t recall myself which one was it) I found nice quote “everything passes, even the longest viper” (it’s rhymes in polish).
I just wanted to say, that my fails drag on much longer than I thought, but I believe, that everything will change now.

And for the end some winter themes and Maja while she was playing with some boy in the shopping mall playground :)

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