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Days are passing one after another. I still have a lot of appointments and medical tests. The closer to childbirth it is, the more tests you have. Additionally I’m taking part in school of childbirth. My friend told me, that it’s worth to go, because I can learn some interesting things, I can also see the hospital ward (I can get known the distribution of rooms in the building, how the hospital works etc).
You know - fear makes things look twice as bad as they are. That’s why a lot of girls want to see it before they are admitted to the hospital. I think it’s good, even if I don’t need it as much (because I’ll have caesarean section). School of childbirth are quite ok till this time - some of them interesting, some of them boring. But I’m not surprised, because it’s lectured by midwives and gynecologists - they don’t have to have lecturer skills.
After the last lesson I’m really happy, that I don’t have to give birth naturally, cause the midwife frightened us with unimaginable pain. Few girls was literally white on their faces… It wasn’t nice, it’s not the point of these lessons to scare us :( And if you’re thinking about to go on lessons like this, you have to know, that it’s fully commercialised (because it’s free). Every woman is flooded with offers of baby products and services. But it’s ok I think - they have to get some sponsors, because none of these doctors and midwives will work for free. Advertising is the key to business success, they advertise something and get money for teaching.
I regret only one thing - I can’t take part in gym exercises, because no one wants to write me about no contraindications to exercise… Because of peacemaker… As it was an obstacle to physical exercise...
By the way - I really don’t like when someone calls me android. Because what, because I have a battery, without which my heart can’t beat? And that’s the only reason? It's the same if you’d tell a man, who has leg prosthesis that he’s a Transformer…. Mercy!

My art spirit for sewing is run off, but I have a new one - I want to crochet something. My mum made a cleanup in yarns and I picked some nice colors to make a chimney scarf. If my art spirit will stay with me longer I’ll make also a hat. But I have to think, because I have a lot of hats now. I’ll share you photos when I’ll finish. But it can take a while.

My husband got a new job. Now he has better team and a more interesting project. I also got a project to do, but my client turned out to be a jerk. He acts in breach of contract and now he tries to scare me with court case and compensations. Another one senseless stress for me. I know that I’m right, but you never know how it ends - if he has good lawyer I could have a problem. That’s why I’m also meeting with my lawyer in the near future. And we will see… Maybe I should scary him with the court case too…?
That's too much for my nerves :( It’s end of working as a freelancer. I don’t know why everyone think, that if you’re freelancer, that you’re asking everyone to pull yours leg... It’s typical to order something and don’t want to pay for it, to breach of contract, to pay a part, to ask for extra fixes (and to be surprised that it’s extra paid), to have some idea and expect to realize something for free because ’it’s my idea, you have to only scribble it in your graphic apps’, to expect to begin working without any advance, to want ’ohh, just one small graphic, but without any contract, because it’s not worth the effort’...
Jesus, I had so much clients like that… And after all here are a lot of grievances, because ”you are unprofessional”. Really? So where do you see this lack of professionalism??

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