Actually, this is Poland...

Ironically I’m writing in April Fool's Day, but my note isn’t a joke. Unless you’ll treat as a joke about our polish public health service. That would be right... Why am I complaining about NFZ?
Because I got divergent informations from every person. Today I spent 1,5 hours in hospital and I didn’t get anything done. It began 2 years ago, when I was leaving hospital (after I spent the whole month there), when cardiologists told me, that if I ever be pregnant, my child can’t be born naturally, cause my heart can’t stand it. Caesarean section is the only way to born a baby. It’s ok for me, I’m not afraid of surgery, it’s almost routine intervention. What did I find out today? So no one will write me attestation of indications for surgery, because no one has reference to do this...

In the pacemaker control point the doctor told me, that he’s actually not a cardiologist just a technician (he’s still making his specialization), so he can’t write it to me. Ok, I understand it, he still didn’t work out enough hours to get this title. But there is a lot of cardiologists in this hospital, which are taking care of people with the devices for electrostimulation of the heart, so he can call to somebody.

First he decided to call to ablation team (the same one, which made me my ablation). What was the answer? Ohh, they won’t give this attestation, cause first - they cured me (no more tachycardia, no more arrhythmia, no more pulse above 250 bpm and also no more additional conductive path; secondly after the ablation the peacemaker team took me (because after ablation I had atrioventricular block - it means, that between heart atrium and heart ventricle is no conduction, what led to cardiac arrest). So according to ablation team - every decision about the further course of treatment and any attestations which I need should be written by peacemaker team.

After that he called to peacemaker team and what did he heard? Well, peacemaker is not an indication to caesarean section (because peacemaker makes me cured, that’s the only reason why I can function normally. So they won’t write me anything. They told, that an indications for surgery could be paroxysmal atrioventricular block, so I can’t born my child naturally. They told me to call to the ablation team.

It’s a vicious circle, because no one wants to bear the consequences, no one wants to sign any paper. I don’t really know what are they afraid of… Anyway - I’ll either born my baby naturally and risk to die or I’ll pay a lot of money for caesarean section for request… Because I can’t rather count on my gynecologist, because he doesn’t know anything about my heart problems. He needs specific informations from my cardiologists.

It’s paranoia… I don’t have the strength to write about it anymore, maybe in a few days...

To improve my mood I’m sharing with you Purka's photo.

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