Little mole, challah with tomato sauce, purrs and a little bit of summer

Today I’ll write about little bit of everything (+ photos) - It’ll be a long note (but I hope not boring). Lately a lot of things are happening and I’m not expecting, that it’ll change. Generally there are positive changes, they mobilise me and doesn’t let me to get bored.

“Prague is so beautiful, Prague is cute, you’ll surely love Prague and you won’t want to come back!” - that was the opinion of most of people, which I asked about the Prague. And nothing. Ok - the city is indeed really nice. It wasn’t destroyed during the second world war as much as Warsaw. There are a lot of climatic places, little streets, charming tenements… But to be in love and don’t want to come back? No way! I really wanted to go back home! We saw everything which was interesting and on the fourth day we didn’t know what else to do in Prague. It’s possible, that if we had a driving license and a car we would see something more around Prague. Whereas we had to count on public transport, so we didn’t have many options. We just made one day trip to Brno - Czech Republic’s small student city. We were surprised by really low prices of everything - dinner, jewelry, beer… More than half cheaper than in Prague. And the Prague also isn’t expensive city. Czechs - the most of them are nice, but completely absent-minded… and they didn’t speak english! I understand if we would talk about elderly people - they don’t have to know english - it wasn’t very popular to learn it when they were young… But in tourist shops, restaurants, railway station and even on the airport (!!) it was easier to speak in polish with them than in english! It’s real comedy! Czech dishes - I think it depends where you’re going to eat. All restaurants close to the old town are expensive and not very good. They don’t have high rating, but a lot of people come there - it’s frequent meeting place. It’s understandable for me - it’s the same in Warsaw on our old town. But if you want to try something really tasty, you have to go away of city centre. Restaurants (the most of them are really small) with diverse dishes, food is aromatic and well seasoned. Prices are most often lower than in city centre, but you can feel it in bigger order. I highly recommend a cat cafe. They have quite nice tea and really delicious banana and caramel cake! And there are 7 cute cats, which accompany the cafe guests!! They love when people pet them and they purr. It was a paradise for me :) To sum up whole Prague trip: if you have never been there, it’s worth to see, but you should spend there no more than 5 days. After all you shouldn’t anticipate anything special, cause you’ll be disappointed. I think it was my mistake, that I focused on friends opinions.

At the beginning of the month I realised, that it’s hard to make exercises at home - always I make everything else not gym. Homework, studying, laundry, ironing, too late - every excuse is good. That’s why me and my mum decided to go to fitness club for some organised exercises. We chose pilates with exercises on a huge balls. We took with us one of my mum’s friend. I really liked these sports. The coach is really nice, she’s good on her field, exercises were quite hard - I felt every muscle one day after workout. But now I’ll have to leave the exercises, cause there are more important things now. We have been trying for a long time and we did it! I’m pregnant! Now it’s the 5th week. So I can’t continue pilates, but I heard that there are some exercises exactly for pregnant women. I like sport, so I think I can try to find some activities for me. I’ll try not to write about pregnancy and babies here too often. I know, that it could be annoying for people, who don’t concer. Especially when someone is reading some blog for long time and suddenly baby appear! And till this time whole blog is one big baby guide - how to be a good mum + testing baby products - baby food, diapers, cosmetics etc… I also don’t like it. I think I won’t go crazy so much, but you have to understand, that pregnancy is important for me, so sometimes I’m going to write something about it.

i’m going to change a subject - we are finally a temporary home for a cat! The homeless cat will stay with us until he find his own home. We’ve made our decision some time ago, but just yesterday the cat was brought to us. It’s small tabby cat. We have no idea how old is he, even vet in shelter couldn’t estimate it. Probably we’ll go with him to our vet soon, we should make vaccinations, but we still have to wait. I’m pretty sure, that all this situation was stressful for him. I don’t want to add him another one stress. He’s really nice, he certainly had a home. It’s amazing, how much he loves humans, although he was just thrown out like a rubbish. We don’t know exactly why, we can only suspect the reason. Suddenly he appeared in group of free-living cats and he completely didn’t know how to behave. The feeder realised really fast, that he’s new, and she saw, that he has problems with eating. Actually… he didn’t eat anything. He’s ex-family didn’t bother to go to vet when he was sick. It was easier to get rid of him. The only one thing to cure was gingivitis. When he was on the street he got more diseases. He was caught by the charity organisation, he was cured and he came to us. When we talk or even look at him he purrs and he kneads everything with his paws <3

I forgot to brag - we moved to another flat again. We rented a studio in Ursynów district. We’re really close to underground station. Living on Mokotów district was nice, but it was hard to find another one flat nearby with similar price, with acceptable standard and with pets allowed. Unfortunately we had to move from flat we were living before, because our neighbour living below us was horrible. He was original chav (wearing the Addidas tracksuit). It was his life purpose to force every people, who come there to live to leave this flat. Some day, when he was drunk he to told me, that he was taking care the elderly woman, which was living there since he remember. He hoped, that she’ll rewrite him this flat in her will or in the last resort he’ll get preemption. Her family didn’t take care of her, but he didn’t get this flat anyway. Someone else bought the flat and he stayed with nothing. I really don’t know how it’ll look like in future, but I think the owner will have a lot of problems with that guy. You know, I don’t want to be stressed all the time, it could be dangerous for pregnant woman. Moving out was a good choice, now I can rest in the home, sleep in the nights and I don’t have to be afraid of some idiot. This new apartment is sunny, pets are not a problem for the owner, and it was available immediately.

Yes, I know that my note is long, but I wanted to add something about our holidays plans. Actually I don’t know if it succeed, it depends how I’m going to feel (it’ll be second trimester, so it probably will be hard to travel with huge belly). But we would like to travel to few cities in Europe. When we were in Prague I realised, that there are a lot of good connections between cities. For example: we could travel from Prague to Vienna in less than 4 hours. I probably we would do this, unless we find out too late. That’s why we plan only one step forward. We would like to go Berlin-Amsterdam-Brussel-Paris-Venice-Roma. And maybe something in our way back. I prefer to avoid planes when I’m pregnant, I’m afraid of change of pressure. Otherwise I like to travel by train since I was a child, I don’t know why. I don’t know if we could go, but if not, we can go next time. I can also spend 2 weeks near the Baltic sea. The most important is who are you travel with, not where you’re going :)

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