Who am I? Dreamer with unlimited imagination. Daughter, wife and mom. Not always patient, in part spitfire. Swimming lover (especially in the sea). Terribly afraid of loneliness and too long silence. Ready to learn new skills and draw conclusions from mistakes. The most important values are home and family..

Hobby? Crocheting, sewing, making friendship bracelets and other DIY. I can create really cool things. I avoid patterns, I love to make my own. Artistic jewelry - only for order or on charity auctions. Sports: running, swimming, bike and gym. I’m active person.

Music? Mainly rock and metal. I could talk about bands for long time, but I like Hammerfall and Sabaton the most. But sometimes I also like to listen country, dance with disco polo and go to filharmony/opera. I don’t like rap.

Fondness? I love animals since I remember - cats the most. One of my friend called me “crazy cat lady” - I agree with that. I have 3 purrfect friends - Purka, Amaya and Misio.

Weakness? Cooking (and also degustation), laziness, bags, scarfs, paper crafts and fabrics.

Collectibility? Everything related to cats - drawings, photos, toys, sculptures and each kind of meowy things. Everything what surround me is in cats. And also items, which I got from my husband.

Movies? Comedies - romantic the most. Everything with lucky ending. Sometimes adventures, action, detective, criminal (Sherlock Holmes type). Recently also sci-fi. I like cartoons too - Tom & Jerry is my favourite one..

Books? Action and thrillers, everything with fast action (it’s important to the action takes place in modern times). I hate romance and soap operas, drama and sci-fi. I also don’t prefer to read books about knights and wild west.