Days pass one by one...

Again I don’t have time for anything… I’m writing here rarely again. I've got a lot to deal with right now. My master’s thesis isn’t going well - my promoter constantly searching for mistakes, even when she applied something once.
Additionally I got some remote work - I think I like it. It’s very important to like your profession. And also I’m constantly monitored by doctors - gynecologists, cardiologist, pacemaker control point, medical researches… This is tiring and I have no time to rest.

Additionally I got one more reason to worry - my mums cat (the same one which spent all my childhood with me) suddenly fell ill. He has malignant neoplasm. There are no metastases yet, but we can’t never predict what will be next. For now we have a vet appointment on Wednesday, if the blood tests are good, he’ll have surgery. Please, keep your fingers crossed, it’s really cute and calm cat. He didn’t deserve it. I completely can’t handle this situation :(

Our May Day picnic in Poznań was really nice - I could rest and don’t think about studying. Physically this trip was tiring - the most, because I like long walks and now (when I’m pregnant) I could sleep whole hour :) But in spite of fatigue I don’t regret, that we went there. Poznań is really beautiful city, the most often it’s not appreciated. It’s really worth to see, but I can’t recommend to eat in restaurants on the old town. Very poor service and the quality of dishes is too weak compared to prices… But if you go a few blocks away, you can find really good restaurants and cafeterias.

Apart from that nothing new with me. Day like everyday, sometimes sun, sometimes rain. I have some responsibilities, my health is still a roller-coaster but i think it’s little bit better than earlier. I slowly return to self-reliance, I’m cooking again, because smells don’t disturb me as much as earlier. Everything slowly goes back to normal :)

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