Shortly a little bit of everything

My problem with attestation of indications for caesarean section is resolved now. I got it, but I had to talk with the cardiologist, which screwed ablation up. Now I feel, that I’m safe :)

Now I'm doing everything I can to get my master's degree before all exams will start. My thesis is almost done, it has to go through the final verification of my promoter. It could be hard, cause she likes to mark all document with red color ;) But I hope, that it won’t be so bad. My thesis is quite short, but it’s not a big problem. I really don’t know how I’m going to defend my master's thesis, because I don’t feel like a specialist in this - I just wrote it, because I had a great bibliography. But I hope that no one will refuse me to get a credit, because of my visible pregnancy ;) Especially, that I’m officially saying, that I’m not going to be a PhD...

I’m trying to get earlier graduation. I have a pre-consent, but I still have to talk with one lecturer. Generally they want to meet me halfway. But I don’t know the rules of it yet.

My heart problems: every medical test seems ok, but sometimes I don’t feel good. I’m trying not to plan anything for long time before, because I can’t predict how I’ll feel that time. Sometimes how I’m feeling changes so much in one hour, that I have to cancel all my plans. The worst is with university activities, because there are some lectures and exercises, which are compulsory.

We would like to visit Poznań city in May Day picnic. I really don’t know if we’ll go. I don’t know how to plan everything. All in all, we can always cancel hotel booking and return train tickets...

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